How to Receive Payments via E-Wallet on Your Website

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As a business owner, surely you want your shop to be supported by various facilities that are up to date with current technological developments. One of them that is becoming a trend among consumers is a transaction tool called e-wallet. Basically, an e-wallet works in the same way as e-money or electronic card. However, e-wallet is in a different form, not physical or chip cards.

So, as an online business owner, do you know the ins and outs of e-wallet? This article will discuss more about e-wallet, its benefits, and how to receive payments from e-wallet on your website.

What is an e-wallet?

An electronic wallet, or for short, e-wallet is one of the financial technology or fintech products. E-wallet can function as a payment method that can be accessed directly using the internet. Moreover, this electronic wallet can be used to make transactions, both online and offline, supported by a QR code.

Before using an e-wallet, users must first download the e-wallet app they want to use. If the app has been installed, the user must top up an amount of money which later be referred to as a balance. Transactions with e-wallet are relatively faster because there is no need to bother taking out your money from your physical wallet or an ATM and count it according to the nominal transaction.

The next thing that needs to be paid attention to when using an e-wallet is identity verification. Every e-wallet brand has different terms and conditions. However, you are expected to at least prepare your personal data in the form of an eKTP / electronic ID and cell phone number. There is no need to worry about your personal information leaking, because everything will be protected safely.

The Use of e-wallet for Merchants

As a means of transacting, an e-wallet does not only offer convenience to customers but it also has a number of benefits that merchants or business owners need to know. The following are the benefits of using an electronic wallet:

  • Making Your Business Looks Modern
  • Using an e-wallet on your online store website can give it a modern business image. Moreover, making transactions using electronic money is more popular with consumers these days. In addition, using an e-wallet to support your business website will leave a good impression on your customers. With the convenience offered by e-wallet, the probability of buyers coming back to your store can be higher.

  • Easy Analysis of Sales Results
  • If your business website provides transaction service using an e-wallet, then the benefits are not only for your customers but for you as a seller as well. You can monitor the transaction process in real time. Therefore, there is no need to do manual recording anymore. Business owners only need to check transaction history regularly. With this easy monitoring, decisions related to the future course of your business can be taken more easily and precisely.

  • Saving You from Counterfeit Money Transactions
  • Transactions using counterfeit money are certainly a nightmare for every business owner. If you provide e-wallet service, you won’t have to worry about such things anymore. Transactions made on your business website will run safely and comfortably.

Process of Receiving Payments via E-Wallet

Consumer transactions on a business website can be done easily if your website or app is connected to a payment gateway which provides payment service via e-wallet. Payment gateway is a technology designed to facilitate transaction processing in online business. Payment gateway not only provides convenience for your customers but also for you as the store owner as well. You can choose which e-wallet brand you want to use for your customer transactions on your website. Later, the entire payment process will be automated. Customers will get notifications for every successful purchase transaction. That way, all payment processes on your website are monitored and the transaction process will become more practical.

Strategies to Boost Your Sales in Online Store

Payment Gateway for Transactions via e-wallet

If you are looking for a payment gateway that offers payment service using e-wallet directly on your website and online app, you can check out Duitku. Duitku Payment Gateway is a solution for processing payments for your business with various methods. The payment channels available on Duitku are credit cards, virtual accounts, retail outlets, e-wallet, QRIS, and credit payments. In terms of security, Duitku has been licensed by Bank Indonesia and is equipped with a PCI-DSS certificate, an international security standard for managing online transactions.

Therefore, as an online business owner, you don’t have to worry about purchase cancellations due to limited payment options anymore. In addition, the availability of checking automation can lessen your workload. There is no need to manually check transfer receipts and perform data matching because Duitku Payment Gateway is ready to help you run your business.

Let’s integrate your online store with Duitku Payment Gateway to make the payment process easier!

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