Products Ideas for Online Business during the Pandemic

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 17, 2021 in Uncategorized

The current COVID-19 pandemic is not only causing problems in the health sector of the world but also has an impact on consumer habits. The situation that forces us to stay at home make consumers to shop online. In the past, consumers tended to choose to shop at physical stores, now they choose to shop online to avoid being exposed to the corona virus.

This change in shopping habits also affects the economic sector. We are all trying to adapt to the situation to keep the business running, from transforming into online business to cutting a number of employees. For employees who are being affected, this situation helps make people aware of starting an online business due to the rapid use of the internet and the increasing trend of online shopping in the public.

So, are there any online business ideas during a pandemic that we can try? In this article, Duitku will provide a list of products you can sell in an online business during the pandemic. Let’s take a look at the following discussion!

1. Cleaning Service

The increase in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has a direct impact on the demand for cleaning services, especially in urban areas. Concerns about the spread of the virus make people want to clean more and disinfect their homes, offices, and apartments.

If you like cleaning your house, you can make a benefit of this opportunity to provide cleaning services as well as disinfection service. All you need is planning, marketing strategy, and mapping the right area so that your business can be profitable.

2. PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) Business

Paying bills on time is an obligation so we don’t have to pay late charges. However, long queues and a time-consuming procedure often make it difficult for someone to pay. As a result, people need to find a quiet place to process payments faster.

From the situation above, a business opportunity emerges that you can make as additional income. You can present PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) to make it easier for people to pay anything in one place.

With a computer, printer, internet connection, and some hundreds of thousands of money, you can open your first PPOB. For the PPOB business, you can automate the payment and distribution of your products so that the business will run by itself and you can focus on promoting your business! Don’t forget to choose a trusted payment vendor so that your business is secure and seamless.

3. Social Media Marketing

Do you have a lot of followers on social media and a strong personal branding? Gain benefits from both of them by becoming a social media marketer. With this, you can help MSMEs by managing and promoting on social media.

There are various forms of services offered. You can promote services through creating content, manage social media as a whole, and help answering questions from potential buyers. With only a laptop, cellphone, and an internet connection, you can start this business easily.

4. Tutor / Online Class

Do you know that the pandemic has an impact on changes in the teaching and learning system? Previously, education had to be conducted in person, now everything has to be done online.

This certainly brings new opportunities for those of you who have an interest in teaching. You can start by teaching the skills you are good at on a part-time basis. With rates ranging from IDR 100-150 per hour, you have the opportunity to get additional money up to millions of rupiah in a month.

Due to the government’s recommendation to “stay at home”, many adults also decide to take classes to fill their spare time and improve their skills. So, if you have expertise in a particular subject, you can take advantage of this opportunity by creating online classes in the form of videos, which you can market and distribute online for an extra income.

5. Become a Reseller

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major blow to retail around the world. Businesses that rely on physical stores must explore other alternatives to stay afloat. This makes business owners to start an online business.
If you are interested in having an online business, this is the right time for you to open a side business. You can start by becoming a reseller at a subscription store. With photos from suppliers and dedication to promoting the business, this business in which you can start as a reseller has a promising opportunity to grow rapidly.

So those are the best-selling types of online business that you can try to increase your income during the pandemic. It is better for you to choose a business which is in accordance with your passion and expertise.

If you want to take this activity seriously, you can sell it exclusively on your personal website. By providing easiness in receiving payments 24/7 with a Payment Gateway, you can make it easier for clients to use your service.
Make sure the payment gateway provider you choose has been proven to be secure, PCI-DSS certified and has an official legality from Bank Indonesia like Duitku.

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