Tips for changing your offline business to online

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 17, 2021 in Uncategorized

The implementation of emergency Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) has made the digital economy in Indonesia grow rapidly. Along with changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic which tend to do online transactions, business owners must adapt to this condition by transforming their business from offline to online in order to maximize their opportunities in the digital era.

Based on data sourced from Google and the Ministry of Commerce, during the COVID-19 pandemic (starting from March 2020), there is an increase in new digital consumers who shopped online in e-commerce in Indonesia by up to 37%. Thanks to this, the valuation of Indonesia’s digital economy has grown by more than 40% per year since 2015 with total digital transactions in Indonesia reaching a value of USD 40 billion during the half of 2020.

Allegedly, the restrictions on the operating hours of economic centers and community mobility are the driving factors for the growth of digital transactions in Indonesia. People are trying to meet their daily needs by shopping online during a pandemic and are encouraged to think creatively in order to keep the business running.

Therefore, adding a digital strategy and/or changing the direction of the business from offline to online is very important so you can compete in this digital era. Check out the following strategies you need to apply before turning your business online:

1. Market Research

Before turning your business online, do some market research by studying your competitor products available on the marketplace and social media. See the prices they offer. Is there any feedback from buyers that needs to be implemented in your business? Also pay attention to the total sales of online business. If it’s not so many, do you still want to sell the same item or maybe prepare a strategy to increase the sales? By doing a research before going turning your business online, you can determine an effective branding strategy so that the product will sell successfully.

2. Maximize the Use of Social Media

Are you new to online business? Start with something simple, like using social media to promote your product. Marketing your products on social media is very effective, because social media is now used by almost all levels of society. Therefore, maximize the use of social media to reach the target market by consistently creating quality content.

3. Create a Website

When you decide to switch from an offline business to an online one, you may need to make a website containing information related to the business you have. The goal is to make the business more personal and you have the authority to fully manage the content on your website. Also, make sure all the links on the website are working properly by checking them regularly. If there are typos or spelling errors, people will surely doubt the quality of your website. If it is left unchecked, it can threaten the credibility of your business.

4. Visualization

Enhancing your product visualization also needs to be considered, especially if you are doing online marketing. Visualization can make people who shop online feel like they are doing it offline by enabling them to see product details clearly. The way that you can apply is to display as many product photos as possible from different sides. In addition, you can also mix and match products with other accessories so that the display looks more interesting.

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