What is QRIS and What are The Advantages?

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 17, 2021 in Information

In this day and age, you must have often heard about QRIS. The payment method that uses the barcode scan has become very popular lately. QRIS stands for Quick Response Indonesia Standard. Simply put, QRIS is a QR code designed according to Indonesia’s national standards. This National Standard QR code was launched by Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI) on August 17, 2019.

In the past, before QRIS was invented, every digital payment app in Indonesia had its own QR code. For instance, if there are 10 digital payment apps that you want to use, then there are 10 types of QR codes. Quite burdensome, isn’t it?

To that end, Bank Indonesia and ASPI issued a policy that led to QRIS. QRIS allows one QR code to be used for various digital payment apps available in Indonesia. Therefore, sellers only need one QR code, which is QRIS (Quick Response Indonesia Standard), to accept digital payments from anywhere.

QRIS is also one of the supports given by Bank Indonesia to encourage MSMEs to develop their online business. QRIS is expected to offer an ease of transaction for MSMEs with a lower cost per transaction than e-wallet. This transaction fee is also determined and approved by Bank Indonesia so that the costs incurred will be the same between one business and another.

QRIS: 0.7% of the nominal amount of purchases / transactions
Gopay: 2% / transaction
OVO, LinkAja, Dana: 1.5% + 0.15% (VAT) / transaction
ShopeePay: 1.5% / transaction (Shopee Pay MDR will change to 2% starting March 2022)

Moreover, do you know the benefits of QRIS for sellers and customers? This article will discuss the advantages of QRIS both for sellers and buyers. Let’s take a good look at it!

For Seller

  1. Easier Transaction Process

  2. QRIS can make a transaction process easier and more efficient. As previously mentioned, you only need to have one QR code to use on various digital payment apps that are licensed in Indonesia.
    So, the display of the cashier desk will become more modern and neat because there is no need to display multiple QR codes in a row. Each merchant only needs to display the QR code obtained from QRIS.

  3. Preventing the Circulation of Counterfeit Money

  4. QRIS is a digital payment code. Thus, no more cash exchanges take place. This also means the risk of getting counterfeit money is getting smaller, including preventing germs that can be transmitted through direct contact during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

  5. Easier Merchant or Store Registration

  6. Without QRIS, you don’t need to register as a merchant in various digital payment applications and only need to register once to accept digital payments on any app. Quite practical and time-saving, isn’t it?

    It’s the same when you want to open a QRIS payment line on your website or online app. Just register at the payment gateway you choose and activate the QRIS payment line.

For Buyers

  1. More options for the Payment Methods

  2. Nowadays, people tend to choose to do digital transactions. Both when shopping online or in person. In fact, not a few people have transformed into cashless so that they find it difficult when they have to pay with cash.

    With QRIS, customers will benefit more because the payment methods are increasingly variable. You can also use any payment method that is licensed in Indonesia.

    Moreover, QRIS can be paid with Jenius, OVO, Shopee Pay, Gopay, Dana, LinkAja, Mandiri online banking app, BCA, CIMB and BNI. That way, customers will have more options in determining the payment method they want to use.

  3. Easier Transactions

  4. Transactions will be easier because customers do not have to carry a large amount of money, count the amount of money to be paid, and count the amount of change they will get. They also don’t have to bother to provide money for change or worry that the nominal of the payment given is inaccurate.

    For online payments, customers can directly scan the QRIS displayed on their screen using an online banking or an e-wallet app they use. It can also be paid by uploading a QRIS that has been screenshot on the app they use.

    That’s it about QRIS and its advantages for both sellers and buyers. Let’s use QRIS because the service can simplify the transaction process for both sellers and buyers. Don’t hesitate to start a non-cash transaction and make the best of the digital payment apps available. The following is the more comprehensive information about how to receive QRIS on your website

Choose another payment methodPriceUser guide

Do you want to receive payments via QRIS on your online store but don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry! You only need to integrate your store with a payment gateway that can help you accept payments using the QRIS method. However, make sure the payment gateway you choose is secure and has an official permission from Bank Indonesia like Duitku.

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