How to Make a Website for Donation

Duitku Admin on Jul 18, 2022 in Information

Currently, many websites and apps have emerged to facilitate human activities. One of them is an online donation website which now has been increasingly growing. The emergence of the donation website has helped build human awareness about the importance of helping others and protecting the surrounding environment. Therefore, more and more people are now supporting the various ongoing funding programs.

Online donation websites are now the choice when you need a quick fundraiser. Also, this internet fundraising campaign can be carried out by anyone, from companies, foundations, to individuals. The use of online donation websites is for various purposes, both for humanitarian purposes or for environmental purposes

The Advantages of Online Donation Website

Compared to conventional fundraising, online donation websites provide the following advantages:

  1. Transparent
  2. Transparency is important in fundraising. When a fundraising achieves its target quickly, the transparency is often being questioned. By using the donation website, you can include reports of receipts and use of funds in an easy and practical way.

  3. Easier and Faster Process
  4. When you want to raise funds quickly, an online donation website can be your consideration. Fundraising campaigns can be done on the internet without having to go door to door. Moreover, currently there are so many internet users so that the results obtained can be more leverage than conventional fundraising.

    Anyone can collect funds through the website, from foundations, institutions, to individuals. The payment methods offered are also varied, making it easier for people who want to donate.

  5. Reach More People
  6. Using a donation website can reach more people. You are not only raising funds from the closest people, but you can also raise funds from people in various regions. All you have to do is share the donation page on social media so people can access it easily.

How to Make a Website for Donation

There are three ways to create a donation website. Here’s how:

  1. Via WordPress
  2. f you want to create an online donation site via wordpress, you can use the WP Crowdfunding plugin. The plugin also has a wallet system to accept local payments and share money via Stripe Connect or Paypal. WP Crowdfunding also has many excellent features such as:

    • User registration, submission form, project start and end dates
    • Pricing options and funding objectives
    • Project update options
    • View pictures and videos
    • Reward system with delivery date

    WP crowdfunding also provides premium features such as:

    • Distribute all funds via PayPal, Stripe Connect, Skrill, and more.
    • Centralized real wallet system: Project owner can send withdrawal request to admin after collecting some money.
    • Analytical reports
    • Email notifications
    • Reporting
    • Social sharing

    How to make it?
    To create an online donation website through wordpress you can use the WordPress Self Hosted CMS tools or software. After that, follow these steps:

    • First :
    • The first thing to do is login to the WordPress dashboard. After that, download the WP crowdfunding plugin.

    • Second :
    • The second step is to install the plugin. After that, we can immediately activate the plugin.

    • Third :
    • Once it is active, the plugin will automatically create four pages. You can find it in the “All Pages” section of the menu. The four pages are new user registration, list of approved campaigns, user account dashboard, and page to create fundraising campaigns.

    • Fourth :
    • In the Woocommerce settings section, change the Select Listing Page and Select Registration options. For other options, you can change it as needed.

    • Fifth :
    • In the style and social share features, adjust the menu as needed. Then set the donation page layout in the website layout section.

  3. Via PHP and SQL

  4. Besides wordpress, you can also create a donation website through PHP and SQL. PHP was originally created as a collection of scripts to process form data on websites in 1995. After that, PHP was developed again into a sophisticated programming language. Currently, PHP has become a global level web server standard.

    In order for PHP to work perfectly, you can pair it with MySQL. MySQL is a software for database management system that can be used to access and process data. So, PHP and MySQL must be connected in order to process data from the browser to the web server. PHP works by alerting MySQL when a user searches for donation data in the database. After that, MySQL will find the information to the server. Then the server will forward the information to the browser so that it can be accessed by the user

  5. Donation Platform

  6. If you want an easier way to make an online donation, you can try making it through an online donation platform. One of the most widely used online donation platforms is Sociabuzz. To create an online donation site through sociabuzz, we simply need to visit the official website.

    After that, you have to register an account at Sociabuzz which can be done for free. If you are already registered, you can go to the profile page and complete all the required data, including uploading a profile photo.

    Then copy the existing link and share it on social media. You can also make donation choices through the “Edit Page” feature and then select “Add Support Options”. This step is the easiest way to create an online donation site because you don’t need to have web design or complicated programming languages skills

So, that’s how to create a website for donation. Don’t forget to add a payment gateway feature on your donation website. This feature is to make it easier for donors to send their funds. That way, your website can accept payments from a variety of available payment method options.

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