9 Most Popular Payment Methods for Online Shopping in Indonesia

Duitku Admin on Oct 6, 2021 in Information

During 2021, online shopper has increased up to 25% – 30% according to the data released by the E-commerce Association (idEA) and We Are Social. So, how do we pay when shopping online? Will the payment be online too?
Yes it is. In fact, it’s been a long time since we do online payments, for example, when you buy food at a fast food outlet and then pay using a debit/credit card by directly swiping on the EDC machine at the fast food outlet, that is one example of online payments. Currently, there are many types of online payments for your online shopping, let’s take a look at them one by one. You can also check which online shopping payments have you used.


Cash on Delivery (COD) is an online shopping payment that has been around for a while. It is a payment method where buyers and sellers have agreed on the selling price of goods offered online, then meet each other at a predetermined time and location. After the buyer checks the goods brought by the seller, the buyer will pay in cash.

Currently, the COD system is experiencing an increasingly flexible system expansion. For online stores that have joined a marketplace, they can use the COD system safely and can reach a wider range of buyers. The buyer pays in cash to the courier on duty (instead of the seller).

You need to make the payment to the courier before you can open your online shopping package. If the condition of the goods does not match or is damaged, do not complain to the courier. Open the marketplace application where you place an order, and submit a complaint. If it is a mistake done by the seller and both of you have agreed, then you can send the item back to the address provided by the seller.

Interbank transfer

Transfers between bank accounts are an old way of transacting, as well as transferring payments remotely using ATM, M-Banking or I-Banking directly to the seller’s account as your online shopping payment. This payment system is often used, so that buyers are very familiar and do not experience difficulties in the process. However, this online shopping payment system has some drawbacks.

For buyers, they must enter the account number manually and correctly, starting with the bank code (if the transaction is between banks) to the account number. If there is a transfer error, then the seller cannot send your groceries and your money may be returned or not. For sellers, it will be bothersome to verify orders, especially if there are many and varied transactions on just one day. Now, there is the Virtual Account payment system which is simpler and very helpful for buyers and sellers in online shopping payments.

Virtual Account

Virtual Account is a number that is generated specifically for customer to make payments. This number contains data on Customer ID information along with the amount that must be transferred. When the buyer types in the virtual account number, the customer data and the total spending will appear. This is very easy and beneficial for both parties. For customer, it makes it easier to process online shopping payments, they will no longer entering the destination account number manually and the amount they have to pay. This way surely can reduce the risk of transfer errors. For sellers, it will be easier for them to get confirmation reports of which payment customers have successfully made with the right nominal.

There are 2 types of virtual accounts:

Non-fixed Virtual Account

This virtual account number usually only lasts for 24 hours, this series of numbers is generated randomly and can only be used for one transaction. It is usually used for online shopping payments in marketplace and e-commerce, where this virtual account number will contain the ID number of the customer who transacts. So it is very unique and safe.

Fixed Virtual Account

This is the opposite of Non-fixed Virtual Account, it is a series of numbers is generated from customer data, so it is tied to their identity. For example, when you want to make a top up to your OVO or GoPay (e-wallet) account, the virtual account will refer to the mobile number you registered to the e-wallet. So it can be used repeatedly whenever you need to top up your e-wallet balance.

In a company or corporation, virtual accounts are also used for periodic bills such as BPJS Health payments. Where the series of virtual account numbers will remain the same or do not change every month and are not limited to time. The identity number of a company’s business will also be included in the series of virtual account numbers.


E-wallet, also known as digital wallet, it is an electronic app where the system stores data for payment instruments, accommodates and can be used to make online transactions and online shopping payments without physical cards and cash.

We have found a lot of fast food outlets or supermarkets around us, putting up the OVO, ShopeePay, GoPay and Dana logos so that we can make our shopping payments using the e-wallet option. By only using a cellphone, you can make transactions with a digital wallet.

Besides offline outlets, you can also use e-wallet to pay for your online shopping. There are so many e-commerce and marketplaces that provide payment options using e-wallet. You will be safe shopping from home, and so will the seller, and of course it makes it easier for them to manage your orders.

Card (Debit/Credit)

Can we make online shopping payments using a card? Doesn’t the debit or credit card have to be swiped offline at the EDC machine?

Maybe that question will arise in your mind when you see the various payment options provided at online stores. You are not wrong because in the past, we were only able to make payments by swiping a debit/credit card into an EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machine when shopping directly on-site/offline. Nowadays, you can also enjoy this payment method when shopping online.

The payment method is also quite easy, in the payment process for your online shopping, choose payment using a Debit Card or Credit Card. Enter your card data into the payment service provided. Usually in the form of a card number, card validity period and CVV (Credit Verification Value) number. However, it is advised to be more careful in making payments with this method, because the data on your credit card may be at risk of being stolen. To know more about this, please check this article (https://www.duitku.com/hati-5-hal-ini-before-menerima-penhargaan-kartu-kredit-online/).

Paylater / Online Loans

Have you ever receive a text message from a random number consisting of offering a loan? Or seeing advertisements on TV and social media offering loans for fast check, without any collateral, only takes 5 minutes to be disbursed without a survey, and only need an ID card and phone number? If you pay attention, that type is included in the category of online loan services. Currently, there are many types of online loans circulating, but you need to be extra careful if you are really going to use their service. Because not all online loan services have permits and are registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority), or you could call it an illegal online loan service.

However, there are also legal online loan service providers. This can be used as a solution if you need funds for online shopping payments for urgent needs. Especially for those of you who don’t have a credit card. Some online loan providers that are popular nowadays are Indodana, AkuLaku, Kredivo, GoPay Later, ShopeePay Later, etc.

Retail Outlets

Retail outlets are places to sell where the buyer is the final customer, not for a resale. Perhaps as an illustration of those around us, such as Indomaret, Alfamidi can be categorized into retail outlets. More broadly, post offices and pawnshops are also included in this category. You can make payments for your online shopping at these retail outlets.

After you went through all the purchase process, choose a payment method to one of the retail outlets provided. You will get a unique code from the shopping application which you need to show to the clerk at the retail outlet.
Make payment at the cashier and pay in cash. This can be helpful for your customers who don’t have a bank account and e-wallet, where the number of people who don’t have an e-wallet and bank account is still around 40%, which is actually a big number. With this online shopping payment method, it can help increase your sales, because the process makes it very easy for your customers everywhere.

You can also access this article (link https://www.duitku.com/ accept-payan-online-di-gerai-retail-indomaret-via-duitku/) to get a more detailed explanation about installation and payment via retail outlets.

Direct Debit

BCAKlikPay, OCTO Clicks, e-Pay BRI are the examples of Direct Debit service. With this payment system, you can authorize your customers (organizations/institutions) to withdraw money from the bank account that you have linked automatically to the maximum before the bill is due. Usually, there will be a certain date that you have agreed to carry out the direct debit process. You must register the various payments beforehand as an agreement that this bill will be processed by direct debit.

This online shopping payment option is the most convenient and simple for you to install on recurring bills, such as insurance bills, mandatory savings, BPJS, etc. This way, you won’t forget to pay your bills every month. And, you don’t have to worry, usually the institution/organization will still send prior notification regarding the amount and time of the direct debit process.

QR Code Payment

Online shopping payments with the QR Code method has been increasingly used widely, with a very easy and accurate way of working, this will make your customers won’t have trouble and experience transfer destination errors. With a QR Code (quick response code), offline and online shoppers can directly scan QR on their smartphone. This QR can also be paid on various m-banking and e-wallet applications in Indonesia. If you want to enjoy online shopping payments with the QR Code system, make sure your internet connection is on and stable.

Bank Indonesia issues QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard) with the aim of unifying various QR Codes that have been circulating from Payment System Service Providers (PJSP).
You can click here (https://www.duitku.com/sediakan-qris-untuk-percepat-transaksi-bisnis/) for a more in-depth discussion of QRIS.

Wow, apparently there are so many online shopping payment options in Indonesia today. If you are a business owner, make sure your online store is connected and uses these various payment options. Making it easier and providing more facilities for your customers is one way for business owners to increase their sales turnover. Moreover, during this Covid-19 pandemic, people’s mobility all are restricted, it is recommended for us to stay at home and keep our distance.

But don’t worry! You don’t need to make accounts on all the payment options above. It must be very troublesome for you if you have to register one by one with different accounts. Not to mention that you as a business owner have to think about other importance like sales strategies, etc. Therefore, for this one matter, you can just leave it to DUITKU. With DUITKU, all payment methods for your online business and sales are provided in one payment gateway system. You only need to register an account and you can immediately open the various payment methods above. So easy, right? DUITKU has officially obtained permission from Bank Indonesia and have certificates for international-standard security. Let Duitku take care of your transaction!

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