Know These 5 Ways to Transfer Money to Bank Accounts without Using an ATM

Duitku Admin on Jul 22, 2022 in Information

Transfer according to KBBI means to move or change places. In the financial sector, transfers are remittances that will be received by the bank, including the proceeds from collections that are billed through the bank, which will later be forwarded to the bank or another account to be paid to the customer. Basically a transfer is a service provided by a bank to facilitate certain funds in accordance with customer orders intended for transfer recipients.

Usually people will go to ATMs to make transfers to other people’s accounts. However, there is also a way to transfer money to a bank account without using an ATM that you can do every day. This of course can be adjusted to the needs and can facilitate the transfer transaction process for all customers.

These different transfer methods can of course be adjusted to the needs of customers who want to send a certain amount of funds to the recipient of the funds. In addition, transferring money without using an ATM machine can also be the best solution if you don’t own a bank account.

Then, how to transfer money to a bank account without using an ATM? Below are 4 ways to do it.

  1. Cash Transfer Via Teller at Bank
  2. The first method is certainly the most common and widely used to send large amounts of money or it can also be done if you don’t have a bank account. Transferring money through a bank teller is also known to be quite easy. The steps for cash transfers through bank tellers are as follows:

    • Ask for the account number, bank name, and the name of the recipient of the transfer funds.
    • Prepare the cash that will be sent and also your original identity card.
    • Come to the bank according to the bank account information of the recipient.
    • Take a queue number, then fill out the remittance form.
    • Submit the form to the bank teller to process the transfer.
    • The money will be directly received in the recipient’s account.

    Besides that, you can also use this method of sending funds to deposit some funds and send them to your own account for saving.

  3. Transfer Via Western Union
  4. The second is transferring money through Western Union. As a money transfer service with a network spread throughout the world, Western Union can certainly be the best solution for you to send funds without using an ATM. Therefore, many people use this money transfer service when living abroad. The advantage of using Western Union is that the money you deposit at one of its branches can be taken directly at other Western Union branches around the world. Interesting, isn’t it?

  5. Transfer Via Kantor Pos Indonesia
  6. Now you can use the post office to send money besides sending letters or packages. The money transfer service offered by Pos Indonesia is known as a money order service. Here are some types of money orders you can choose:

    • Wesel Pos Instant is the fastest delivery because it is real time using a PIN and NTP (Central Transaction Number) which is sent directly by the sender to the recipient of the funds.
    • Wesel Pos Partnership is a type of draft that is the result of cooperation with other parties or third parties. The rates will be adjusted according to the existing agreement.
    • Wesel Pos Cash Transfer (Cash to Account) is an option for sending cash through the Post Office to all bank accounts that can be done in real time.
    • Wesel Pos Prima is a money order service that can use a notification letter and be delivered by the Destination Post Office to the recipient of the funds.

    Receive Payments through 24.000 Post Office Outlets All Over Indonesia.

  7. Transfer Via Minimarket (Alfamart and Indomaret)
  8. Not only providing daily needs, Alfamart and Indomaret currently offer money transfer service. Here are the transfer procedures at Alfamart and Indomaret:

    • Tell the cashier that you want to send some money.
    • The cashier will ask for your ID and your phone number, don’t forget to also prepare the recipient’s information. For transfers at minimarkets there is an additional administrative fee that you have to pay.
    • Wait for the cashier to complete the transaction process, if it is successful you will get an automatic SMS
    • In the message there will be a money transfer code that you can send to the recipient.
  9. Transfer Via E-Wallet
  10. The next money transfer without an ATM is through an e-wallet. As we know, e-wallet apps are now widely used by Indonesians. These apps provide convenience for transactions, especially for those of you who do not have a bank account. Not only can it be used to transfer funds to other users of the e-wallet app, now you can also transfer funds from the e-wallet to a bank account.

    With the e-wallet , you can transfer funds more easily without having to go to an ATM. Money transfer has become easier because it can be done anytime and anywhere using only a smartphone.

Those are some ways to transfer money to bank accounts without using an ATM you can do. In addition, various types of transactions can also be carried out by Duitku easily. This Online Payment Gateway in Indonesia can accept payments directly on your website or online app via bank transfer, credit or debit card, virtual account, e-wallet, and major retail outlets.

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So, by using Duitku, the transfer process can be done quickly and easily. You also don’t need to worry about security, because Duitku has been trusted by many well-known companies in Indonesia.

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