Receive Payments through 24.000 Post Office Outlets All Over Indonesia

Duitku Admin on Oct 6, 2021 in Information

Although the application of digital payments in Indonesia continues to grow, there are still people who prefer to transact with cash.

In fact, although 70% of Indonesians have internet access, only 34% of Indonesians have a bank account.
For people who are more comfortable transacting with physical money, this causes the online purchase transaction process hampered, because usually new online businesses only provide payment methods by bank transfer or via e-wallet. To facilitate people who do not have a bank account or e-wallet, there are also those who switch to alternative payments of COD (cash on delivery), but the implementation of this payment method is still relatively impractical because it requires cooperation of a trusted third party service provider.

In addition, there are many cases of customers refusing to make payments even though the goods have been delivered to their destination, causing businesses to lose time and loss of the cost of shipping/returning goods they have to pay. Transaction record is also disrupted due to the large number of orders that are canceled after being shipped. To overcome this problem, Duitku collaborates with PT Pos Indonesia to facilitate merchants to accept payments via post office outlets spread throughout Indonesia.

Established in 1746, the Indonesian Post Office aims to ensure the security of sending residents’ letters. Currently, the post office network has reached 24.000 service points and is spread over almost 100% of every sub-district and 42% of every village in Indonesia. In addition to collaborating with the Indonesian Post Office, you can also accept payments via Indomaret, Alfamart, and Pegadaian networks to facilitate your online business to accept online payments in cash through retail outlets.

How do I open a payment line via Pos Indonesia on Duitku?

Currently, Pos Indonesia payment line can be used by all merchants, both individuals and in the form of companies/corporation. PT Pos Indonesia’s payment channel is API open. Merchants can activate this payment method from their Duitku account dashboard page > My Project > Payment Methods.

PT Pos payment method is available in the menu options with a service fee of IDR 5,000 (includes VAT).
For prices for other payment method services, check here
Duitku does not charge registration fees or maintenance fees, all fees are based on the amount (bank transfer, retail outlets) or nominal (e-wallet, credit card/installment) transactions.

When my request is accepted, do I have to re-integrate?

For those of you who have a website on the Woocommerce platform (WordPress), Magento, Virtuemart, Opencart, Prestashop, WHMCS or JoomShopping and integrate using plugins, you can download the latest version of plugins directly on the Duitku API page Update the plugins that you have installed on your website platform dashboard with the latest version of the plugins to find Indomaret payment method options in it.

For merchants with more complex integration needs and integrating with the API, payment method integration can be done by adding the integration code “A2”. Check more info on Duitku API Documentation

How to Pay Online Shopping Bills at Pos Indonesia Outlets?

  1. Note and save your payment code
  2. Come to the nearest Indonesian Post Office outlet
  3. Inform the cashier that you will use VA Giropos (Virtual Account Giropos)
  4. Show and give the Payment Code to the Cashier
  5. Make the payment according to the nominal informed and wait for the process to complete
  6. Request and save the receipt as the payment proof
  7. Payments will be detected automatically

Reach more customers by providing payment channels through Pos Indonesia, a service outlet with the widest coverage throughout Indonesia. Now, your business can reach more potential buyers in remote areas of Indonesia.
For more information please contact us via email [email protected] or live chat on Duitku Dashboard <>.
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