Types of BNI Cards and Their Transfer Limits

Duitku Admin on Aug 5, 2022 in Information

Who doesn’t know this one national financial institution? Yes, BNI is one of the providers of banking service and is also one of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN). The number of BNI customers is also very large in Indonesia. One of the factors is the easy registration for the BNI debit card and its savings account.

For your information, BNI as a bank financial service has introduced various types of debit cards that can be tailored to the needs of its customer when conducting various types of transactions. If you are interested in saving and want to own a BNI debit card, you need to know the types of the cards and the transfer limits. This surely will make it easier for you to adjust it to your needs.

List of BNI Card Types and Their Transfer Limits

BNI introduces 6 types of debit cards that you can choose according to your needs. The descriptions are as follows :

  1. BNI Silver
  2. This type can be said to be one of the most used types of BNI debit cards and is well known by many people. Just as the name suggests, the color of this card is gray or silver with a batik drawing as an aesthetic addition which makes the card look more beautiful. The BNI Silver admin fee is IDR 4,000, the interbank transfer limit is IDR 50 million, the transaction limit is IDR 25 million, and the cash withdrawal limit per day is IDR 5 million.

  3. BNI GPN
  4. Currently, BNI has issued a GPN debit card or the National Payment Gateway debit card. This type of card which has the GPN logo on it provides transaction benefits and administrative costs that are more affordable for all of its customers. The cash withdrawal limit is IDR 15 million, the transfer limit between accounts is IDR 100 million, and the interbank transfer limit is IDR 25 million.

  5. BNI Gold
  6. BNI Gold cards are characterized by the golden and yellowish colors. If you feel that the BNI Silver card doesn’t meet your needs, then BNI Gold can be the best choice. The process of getting this card is also very easy, you only need to open a BNI Taplus or BNI Taplus Bisnis savings account. The transfer limit between BNI accounts from BNI Gold is IDR 100 million, the interbank transfer limit is IDR 25 million, and the administrative fee required is IDR 7,500.

  7. BNI Platinum
  8. People nowadays call this type of card “black card” since it occupies the highest level of all types of cards. Same with BNI Gold, you must be a customer of a BNI Taplus or BNI Bisnis account to own this card, both for individuals and for non-individuals. Included in the category of debit card type with the highest tier, this card has the highest monthly fees and transaction limits as well. The transfer limit between BNI accounts is IDR 100 million, while the interbank transfer limit is IDR 25 million. The administration fee is IDR 10 thousand per month.

  9. BNI Taplus Muda
  10. Are you 17-35 years old? BNI also offers the Taplus Muda debit card that can be a good choice for you. There are three versions of BNI Taplus Muda card, namely regular, music, and sports. This card has an interesting appearance because a personal photo of its customers can be printed on the card. The initial deposit is also the lowest, which is only IDR 100,000, so it is very suitable for students. BNI Taplus Muda transfer limit between BNI accounts and interbanks is IDR 10 million a day.

  11. BNI Garuda
  12. Last but not least is the BNI Garuda card. The characteristics of this card are the black color and the MasterCard and Combo logo so it can be used for TapCash transactions as well. If you want to open a BNI Garuda account, you must first have a BNI Taplus or BNI TABI savings account. Then, you will also be given a BNI Garuda debit card. The BNI Garuda card transfer limit between BNI accounts is IDR 100 million a day and the limit for interbank transfers is IDR 50 million a day.

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