Virtuemart vs Magento, Which One is Better?

Duitku Admin on Jul 13, 2022 in Information

When we start an online business, we are definitely faced with a choice between virtuemart or magento. Both of these tools are very useful in managing online business operations. Starting from stock management, product catalogs, or shopping carts, everything can be done easily through the operation of these tools.

But when asked to choose between magento or virtuemart, most people find it difficult to decide. Actually, each of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages. All we need to do is adapt its usage according to our business needs. Therefore, we must know all of them well before choosing one of the two.

Get To Know About VirtueMart

VirtueMart is a free, open source e-commerce tool for Content Management System (CMS). VirtueMart was first created in 2009 by Sören Eberhardt-Biermann. We can say that VirtueMart is a popular plugin nowadays.

This free plugin enables the Joomla content management system to be a very useful and powerful open source e-commerce solution. VirtueMart is made in PHP format using a MySQL database for its backend. It can be used in two different modes, namely shopping carts and catalogs.

The shopping cart mode offers everything you need to operate a complete online store such as product catalogs, shopping carts, and payment/payment processing workflows. Meanwhile, catalog mode is designed only to showcase products, so customers cannot make direct purchases with this mode.

VirtueMart’s Main Features

VirtueMart is fully featured and easy to use for both beginners and experts. VirtueMart’s main features include:

  1. Product Management
  2. This feature can help you edit products, list or categorize products. It also allows you to edit the tax calculation rules.

  3. Product Search
  4. VirtueMart includes many different features designed to make it easier for you and your customers to find what they are looking for. You can create product lists and organize them as you wish.

  5. Integrated Product Reviews
  6. This feature makes it easy for users to leave ratings and reviews on items you have sold.

  7. Inventory Management
  8. To help manage inventory, VirtueMart provides reliable backend tools to track items you have in stock, items that have been sold, and items that have been ordered but not yet received.

  9. Order and Purchase
  10. This feature allows users to perform shopper management, allowing you to group customers. You can also keep records and offer tax reporting features so that it can automatically generate tax records.

  11. Order Status
  12. This feature helps customers stay up to date on the status of their orders. Has it been packaged, has it been on the expedition, has the order arrived at which location and so on.

  13. Customer Form
  14. This feature helps you in collecting data of potential customers.

What is Magento?

Magento is an e-commerce platform built on open source technology. This tool provides flexibility and control over the appearance, content and functionality of an online store. Magento offers search engine optimization, and catalog management tools. With Magento, you can create an online store as you want. This tool provides complete control options so you can design a user-friendly web and maximize the use of SEO.

Magento’s modular architecture is also very flexible, making it easier for you to meet your online store needs. Currently, there are more than 5000 extensions available on the Magento Marketplace, from payments to marketing. Popular brands like Nike and Canon also use Magento for their websites.

Main Features of Magento

Magento also has an intuitive dashboard with full features for managing an online store. Magento’s various features include:

  • Customer service
  • Payment
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Delivery and fulfillment
  • Website optimization

Magento is designed to be used as an app by someone who has no experience as a developer. Therefore, this tool is very easy to use by beginners. It can be used by various types of businesses, both small and large scale. Magento also offers free Magento Open Source and feature-rich Magento Commerce. In other words, these tools can grow and develop according to your business.

Between Magento or VirtueMart

Both Magento and VirtueMart have their own advantages. You can use one of them according to your business needs. However, when choosing between Magento or VirtueMart, there are several aspects you should consider. Here are the things to consider when choosing between Magento or VirtueMart :

  1. Installation
  2. To install Magento manually, you have to download a special package and load it into the hosting account you have provided. Virtuemart is basically an extension for Joomla systems, so you can install it easily.

  3. Ease of Use
  4. Magento is a very powerful e-commerce platform, equipped with many options for customization and advanced use. If you are familiar with web design and Web programming, Magento can be a good choice. However, Virtuemart is just a plugin, which makes it much easier to use than Magento.

  5. Search Engines
  6. Magento is one of the top ranking platforms for easy integration with SEO. From custom URLs to meta descriptions, search analytics, and integration with Google, you can customize your store data with all of these features. With Virtuemart, you can find extensions that help with SEO.

  7. Cost
  8. Both can be downloaded for free. However, Magento is slightly more expensive than Virtuemart if you intend to build a large store. Because, you have to make a payment when you want to add special features.

  9. Customization Ability
  10. Magento is customizable and is a great choice for those of you who have the skills to learn web design and development. This e-commerce platform is one of the most flexible and adaptable, but there is a requirement for some technical knowledge to use on your website. Virtuemart is a more basic and simpler platform making it suitable for beginners.

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