Tips for Digital Transactions during a Pandemic

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 17, 2021 in Information

Digitalizing the financial services industry is very important in maintaining this country’s economic growth even during the pandemic. This is because digitalization can make a positive contribution to society and MSMEs in Indonesia.

To that end, in Bank Indonesia Regulation No.23/6/PBI/2021 about Payment Service Providers (PBI PJP), Bank Indonesia seeks to strengthen the digital ecosystem in Indonesia by creating a fast, easy, and secure payment system, while still prioritizing protection for consumer. In this way, Bank Indonesia hopes to realize an inclusive digital economy and finance acceleration.

Although Bank Indonesia has implemented regulations regarding payment service providers, it does not mean that you don’t need to pay attention to things when making digital payments. You can apply these 3 tips for conducting a safe online digital transactions for your customers, which Duitku has summarized in this article.

Choose a Trusted Hosting Server

If you make a business-only website, choosing a trusted hosting server is a must because hosting affects how easy customers in accessing your website.

Choose a trusted hosting server that has a technical team ready to help you 24/7, including holidays. Therefore, your website server is monitored at all times. In addition, make sure the hosting partner you choose provides data back-up services, so that if something unexpected happens, you can restore the data on your website.

Get SSL Certificate

To increase the security of your customer transactions, make sure your website is equipped with an SSL certificate. The use of this certificates is very important since they protect your website from customer information leakage, such as personal data, credit card information and transactions, and transfer history.

Check Transfer Receipts

Double-check payment receipts provided by the customer before sending the product. This is because there is currently widespread falsification of transfer evidence that is surely detrimental to business owners. If your business still accepts payments manually, you can use an online payment system that can automate payments 24/7 and be able to record detailed business history of income and expenditure transactions to minimize frauds.

Those are the three tips for providing a safe digital transaction during the pandemic. To convince your customers to make online payments on your online store, use Duitku Payment Gateway in online transaction/payment for your business. Duitku Payment Gateway is equipped with a Fraud Detection System and has met the PCI-DSS security standard to protect important data on customer’s credit card transactions. In addition, all transactions on Duitku are monitored by Bank Indonesia so that the digital payment process is safe and convenient

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