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mar anto on Sep 17, 2021 in Information

One of the most time consuming things in running a business is managing business transactions. Starting from providing various payment methods to make it easier for customers, providing the total price for orders to be paid immediately, to checking account mutations. Of course it can be very troublesome, especially if you do it all alone by yourself.

However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because there is technology that can facilitate all your business transactions, namely a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a channel that allows you to receive money from various sources without having to create multiple accounts.

With a payment gateway, you don’t have to take care of various things related to transaction problems, so you can focus on your product development and promotion of your business. Surely, this will make it easier for you to manage your business.
Then, how come a payment gateway can be the best partner for your business? Let’s find out the answer below!

1. It Helps You to Receive Payments from Various Sources

As a business owner, you surely want to provide convenience for your customers to make payments, right? A complicated check-out process can discourage buyers from completing the purchase process. So, avoid this thing by providing a choice of payment methods that suit their needs.

Payment gateways allow you to receive money from various sources without having to have multiple accounts. So, you don’t have to bother opening accounts at multiple banks. You can accept payments from any method, ranging from bank transfers, virtual accounts, credit cards, e-wallet to minimarkets into 1 dashboard account, which can be withdrawn to your main account. Very sophisticated, isn’t it?

2. It Speeds up Transaction Processes and Processed Goods

Usually, when a customer is interested in a product in your online store, they will definitely ask for the available payment methods and ask for the total price to be paid.

After the transaction process is successful, the buyer will send the transfer receipts and you have to check the mutation in your account to make sure the payment has been done correctly, and it can be really time consuming. Moreover, it can be more annoying when a customer decides not to complete the purchase. What a waste of time!

Payment gateway offers a seamless shopping experience that allows all transaction processes to be done automatically, so there is no need for excessive interaction between sellers and buyers. After a customer pays, the seller will immediately get a notification to process the order, while the customer just has to wait for the order to be processed and shipped soon.

3. There Won’t be Any Inaccuracy in the Transfer Amount

If you use a payment gateway, the order amount will be automatically listed when a customer is about to make a transfer. So, the customer does not need to enter the nominal or the intended account number, so as to reduce the possibility of wrong transfer amount, both nominally and in the destination account. So you don’t have to be afraid of making a mistake. Just wait for the notification and send the order as soon as you can.

4. Make Customers Your Regular Ones Thanks to the Convenience Offered

With the convenience offered, surely customers would love to back to your online store because all the shopping processes are very practical and simple, thus inviting them to shop again in the future.

That way, when there are customers who are interested in the products in your online store, they will definitely make payments right away. You don’t have to bother answering the same questions over and over again and customers only have to pay as they wish.
So, after knowing the points above, you surely realize that payment gateway is very helpful to make your business more practical, right? Therefore, let’s use a payment gateway to facilitate your business transactions. You can focus on growing your business without having to think about transactions since everything will run smoothly and automatically.

However, make sure you choose a secure payment gateway partner like Duitku. Because Duitku has a legality from Bank Indonesia and international standard security certification. We guarantee your transactions are safe with nothing to worry about!

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