How to Promote Your Products on YouTube to Get More Customers

Duitku Admin on Sep 27, 2021 in Information

How to Promote Your Products on YouTube – Do you want to get many viewers for your product promotion content? If so, you should know the best way to promote your promotional content on YouTube.
YouTube is one of the largest streaming media in the world. Putting a product promotional content on YouTube can be an effective product promotion method. Currently, the video streaming platform has captivated tens of millions of viewers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has made people to do everything at home and YouTube is the easiest and most accessible spare time filler. No wonder based on a research done by Hootsuite and We Are Social as of January 2021 it is known that YouTube viewers has increased by 93.8% during the pandemic. So, this is surely an opportunity for your product to be widely known.

However, whatever the medium is, doing a marketing is not always an easy task because you need a special point from your product or a strength from the way you market it. Therefore, check out the best way to promote your product in order to gain a lot of viewers so that your product will sell well.

Create an Interesting Product Promotion Content

When you decide to promote your product on YouTube, it means you have to know how to create an interesting video content. If you can’t make or edit videos, you can use a service of a freelance videographer whose work quality is well known. You just need to submit all your plans or concept ideas to them.

Even though the product you sell is just an ordinary and normal product, if it is promoted with interesting video then it might increase the selling value of your product. Some people tend to choose to watch good quality content with ordinary products over a poor promotional content even when the product they sell is extraordinary.

Therefore, in a promotional video content, don’t just display your product, but you also add a little story. For example, if you make a promotional video for a backpack, the content of the video does not only contain the appearance of the backpack, but also includes an explanation of the manufacturing process to the philosophy of the product material. The explanation of the story must also be made briefly so that the audience won’t get bored.

Finally, upload your product promotional content gradually and constantly, for instance: once a week. While waiting for the next upload day, you can share various promotional content to keep your audience up to date and to avoid them to unsubscribe. You can try other YouTube features such as live streaming, chats or discussions of your subscribers, and the latest feature, YouTube shorts, to promote your products or simply make a short video tips.

Make a Catchy Promotional Video Title

As a YouTube user, you know that title is the first thing viewers see and the one that makes someone considers to open your video. The more interesting a title is, the greater people’s curiosity toward a video. Even if your product promotion video is good but the title is not interesting, no one might want to watch your video.

Try creating a clickbait title that make people curious about your product and interested in knowing more. No need to be afraid of being mocked later because this is a strategy to promote your product so that it will be widely seen and become well known.

However, you also have to maintain the relevance of your video content with the title you write because YouTube will still measure the bounce rate of your channel. The bounce rate is the percentage of viewers who saw your video and then left without any interaction such as likes and comments. You can create video content that matches the audience’s expectations to make the bounce rate low.

Attractive Product Thumbnail Images

Just like a video title, try to choose an interesting product thumbnail image. This image will appear as a display of the face of your product promotional video content. You can take thumbnail images of your product promotional video clips or you can also create your own images with a good design. One thing you need to know is in making a thumbnail image, it must match your product and have the ability to show the intent of your product promotional video.

Add a Logo as Your Product Identity

For every business owner, logo is an important aspect in introducing their product. Its use is so that your product is more easily recognized and has a special characteristic. In terms of shape and color, a logo needs to match the product name and the type of product you will be promoting.

The use of a logo can later be included in every video of your product promotional content. This needs to be done to make it easier for the audience to be familiar with your product logo in case later it is spread widely. That way, it will be easier for people to remember and find your business.

Collaboration with or Endorsement by Other Channels

The next promotion strategy is to use promotions from other YouTube channels. Usually, this method is done by some YouTubers to promote their channel. They make collaborative videos with other channels which have a significant number of audiences in order to expand their channel reach in a wider direction.

To do this, you have to prepare an offer that is mutually beneficial for both parties to collaborate with each other or you can pay a fee if the YouTuber offers an endorsement service for your product.

Paid Promotion by Google Ads

Last but not least, one of many ways to promote your and interact with potential buyers is doing an advertising on YouTube. You can increase the number of views of your promotional videos and increase your channel subscribers by paying some amount of fee to create a video ad campaign on Google Ads.

You only need to choose a promotional video that you have made to advertise, set the budget you need to run the ad, and finally you can choose what types of target audiences that suit your product.

If your ad campaign adds some target market based on keywords, you can specify some keywords and sentences or words that are commonly searched for on YouTube to achieve the goals you have set.

So, those are some tips on how to promote your products on YouTube. By promoting products on YouTube, you can expand the reach of your target audience, especially with the current people’s behavior which tend to prefer watching videos rather than reading advertising in the form of text or message.

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