How to Maximize You Sales on Holiday

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 16, 2021 in Information

On holidays, many business owners make certain promotional strategies to increase their sales. One of them is Black Friday. In the United States, Black Friday is used as a moment for brands to provide special promos and discounts for their customers. Whereas in Indonesia, many business owners have not made the best of holidays to maximize promotional activities that leads to the results that are less optimal. In fact, business owners in Indonesia even tend to close their shops off on holidays when actually moments like this opens many opportunities to grow your business.

Since Eid al-Fitr will be here soon which means a fairly long holiday. Let’s get ready to maximize promotions on your online store! During this time, people usually are increasingly active in social networking and routinely do online shopping. Especially when they get their holiday allowance in hand. It is no doubt that when customers see discounts, they will immediately check out without having to think twice. Surely, you don’t want to waste this golden opportunity, do you? Therefore, let’s discuss one by one various promotional strategies that can boost your sales on holidays.

1. Give a Special Holiday Promo

Giving a discount is the most common way that you can do during holidays. You can give special prices for holidays. Moreover, holiday is identical to the moment where some people wait for the brand to do a discount promo. However, don’t forget to specify the product and the amount of discount you want to offer. You don’t want to have any lose because you are too having fun giving discounts. Here are some discount ideas that you can give during the holidays:

  • Discount percentage, e.g. 10% discount, 20% discount.
  • Discount on shipping fee. For example, with a min purchase. IDR 100,000 customers will get free shipping.
  • Bundling discount. For example, buying a package of 2 products with a lower price than one product alone.
  • Flash sale: give special prices for certain products.
  • And so forth.

Besides discounts, offering a gift is one way of promotion that can be applied while celebrating holidays. You can give special gifts so that people are interested in buying your product to get the gift. For example, by giving holiday allowance gifts during Eid al-Fitr or offering red packets during Chinese New Year. That way, many people will make purchase at your store because they want to get the gifts.

2. Stay Active on Social Media even on Holidays

Although Eid is associated with spending time with family, relatives, and friends, it does not mean that people stop surfing on social media on this day. In fact, the use of social media tends to increase during this time. So, it will be a very missed opportunity if you are not active on social media or even close your business off during holidays.

You can be active on social media by creating holiday-themed content. You don’t have to do promotions or give discounts, you can increase engagement with your followers with other ways. For example, by inviting followers to interact on Instagram to talk about the holiday they are celebrating. Surely, your business’s social media account engagement will definitely increase and your followers will definitely be tied to your brand.

3. Promotion with an Emotional Approach

Buyers will be easily provoked if there is an emotional approach to the product they are going to buy. This is in accordance with a research result from The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, which states that forms of advertising promotion with an emotional approach can get twice as much profit as a rational approach.

Examples of emotional approaches that we often encounter during Ramadan and Eid are the amount of advertisements on television that feature family themes that can touch the heart of the audience. You can also create a campaign where some of the profits from the sale will be donated to people or places in need. Besides being able to boost your sales, you also contribute to helping others.

4. Make bundling or packaging of special holiday products

Preparing special holiday products is something you can try because customers will feel the product has a limited offer so they have to buy it immediately. In addition, this product is also suitable for sending as hampers to friends, relatives, and even family. Especially, in times like this which do not allow us to meet in person.

To make a product for the holiday edition, you can prepare your store’s favorite product that is packaged with a new look that matches the theme of the holiday, or you can also introduce a new product special for the holiday. This method is believed can increase exposure to new products and repeat purchases for your business’s favorite products. By making holiday edition products, your sales will definitely be selling well!

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Those are some things you can do to maximize your business opportunities on holidays. Are you interested in doing it?

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