How to Create a Professional-Looking Company Website

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 17, 2021 in Information

The high number of internet users in Indonesia makes business owners compete to make use the internet as best as they can. Various ways have been done, starting from creating branding on social media with interesting content to making an easily accessible website so the product will become well-known by many people.

However, not all business owners are willing to spend time managing a website. The complicated process which can only be done by people with special skills makes them less interested in website than other social media. When the fact is 62% of customers tend to visit a website to find information about brands and products (Data quoted from the Global Web Index).

So, it is a good idea to start creating a website as a branding/business promotion medium. Display a comprehensive company profile, such as business info to the latest product info so your business will look more credible. Check out the bellow tips on how to create a professional-looking company website.

1. Web Design and Quality Content

Want a professional looking website? Create a website with a minimalist and responsive display when loading pages. It is suggested not to use a design that does not automatically change the screen size into a mobile version because this will interfere with the web layout and make it difficult for visitors to read the content on the website.

Besides considering the design, you also need to consider the content that will be displayed on your website. The content can be in the form of text, images, and videos that bring insights for visitors and catch their attention to the products you offer.

2. Detailed Information about Your Company

When developing a website, make sure you include the correct address and contact information of your company. This can make it easier for visitors to verify the information listed on the website.

In addition, make your website look professional by adding a “contact us” section, which consists of social media links, photos of the business team, along with a brief company profile. Adding a live chat feature is also a good idea so visitors can contact you anytime when they need assistance.

3. Customer Testimonials

A presentation of good testimonials can make you gain the trust of potential buyers. This is because buyers can measure how good the quality of your service or products based on the previous customers testimonials.
Therefore, you need to add a special column to display various customers’ testimonials so that your website looks more trusted.

4. Using SSL Certificate

One of the determining indicators that create the credibility of a website is an SSL certificate. This certificate is indispensable for businesses that use online transaction processing because it is able to protect data traffic between the website server and the customer’s browser from hacker threats.
SSL guarantees the security of buyer data, from credit card information, usernames, account’s passwords and other important data. With an SSL certificate, your website will be safe and secure.

5. A Clear Page Navigation

A clear page navigation is a must. Therefore, it is recommended that you use JAVAScript or HTML code in the menu section to make it easier for visitors to find the information they need.
Also, display the menu and the sub-menu options on your website to make it easier for visitors to access features and content on your website. A clear information structure on the website can be an extra point to increase your business credibility.

In running a business, professionalism is an important thing that deserves our attention. An unconvincing look of a business can make buyers hesitate to do a transaction. Therefore, you can try applying tips of how to create a professional-looking website we have discussed before so your business will look more convincing.

By owning a professional-looking website, the level of credibility and trust of customers will increase because they can see that you are committed in your business. Moreover, a good website can also increase customers’ satisfaction because they can find out in detail about the business/product information you offer. If credibility on this website continues to be maintained and improved, it is possible that your business will grow gradually even during this current pandemic.

If you want to create a website to promote and offer products directly to customers, make it easier for your website or app to accept payments directly on the website by integrating a payment gateway. Payment gateway allows customers to complete transactions so the chance of them canceling a purchase can be minimized.

Payment gateway can make your business checkout transaction process faster and smoother so customers will feel secure when making payments and can do it easily. Also, make sure the payment gateway you choose is officially licensed by Bank Indonesia and equipped with international security standards like Duitku.

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