Here’s How to Join the August 17 Offer by ShopeePay

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 17, 2021 in Information

The national holiday of Independence Day of Indonesia on August 17th is almost here, even though we should still #stayathome, many promos or shopping discounts are starting to be offered to celebrate this national holiday. Usually, people’s shopping habits is increasing as the holiday promo is approaching. As an online business owner, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of this momentum, especially for those of you who have a local product business. Let’s check out the promos you can do below with a co-funding promo offer by ShopeePay

Are you familiar with the Shopee app? Shopee is the marketplace app with the most users in 2021. One of the reasons is because this app often has many interesting discounts and offers. Therefore, many deal hunters come to visit it to seek for promos!

In the occasion of Indonesia’s Independence Day celebration in the 17th of August, Shopee will be holding a promotion event called 17.8. Even if you don’t have an online store on the Shopee app, you can still join this event and get benefits from it as long as you accept payments with ShopeePay. In fact, this way you can also advertise your online business on the Shopee platform to direct potential buyers to find your brand and visit your online business website!
website vs marketplace what’s the difference? 

What promotions are Available on ShopeePay?

To celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day, Shopee will present a promo called 17.8. This promo will take place on 9-17 August 2021, the promo will peak on 17 August 2021. Before the event takes place, Shopee will advertise this 17.8 promo on their social media accounts and platforms on 6-8 August.

What is the Form of the Promo?

This Shopee marketplace app has several sub-menus on its homepage, one of which is the “deals around you” menu.

  1. Enter from Deals Sekitarmu button
  2. Click on the banner inside to see more promo or click “ShopeePay”, “Lihat Lainnya”
  3. Click on the merchant to view the T&C and to purchase the cashback voucher
  4. Check the voucher validaty and T&C then click “Beli Sekarang”

When you open the menu, you will find a wide selection of promo coupons for IDR 1,000 that you can use at the store you choose. This promo coupon has several values ​​as well, usually, merchants offer 60% to 80% discounts with a maximum nominal ranging from 12 thousand to 17 thousand rupiah.

How Do Customers Use This Voucher On Your Website?

This voucher can only be redeemed online when the customer pays using the ShopeePay payment method. When they checkouts on your website or online app, the Shopee app will send a push notification on the customer’s phone and they will be redirected to complete the payment on the Shopee app.

  1. The store name and transaction amount will appear on the Shopee appl, select the “Continue” button
  2. Select the voucher menu to use the previously purchased voucher. The voucher option will appear and the bill amount will be deducted automatically.

Besides attracting more shoppers, if you decide to join this partnership, you can also get the opportunity to promote your business directly on the Shopee app and Shopee’s social media accounts.
Shopee offers promos in the form of co-funding, where merchants and Shopee jointly finance price promotion offers for customers. The following is a list of prices offered by Shopee. The more you give discounts to your customers, the greater the exposure given to your online store!

Direct/Voucher Cashback ShopeePay 60% / 80%

How to Register?

Are you interested to join this 17.8 ShopeePay co-funding promotion event? To take part in this event, you only have to open the ShopeePay payment method on your website or online app! And to open the ShopeePay payment method, you need to integrate a technology called Payment Gateway so you can receive payments directly on your website or app.

A payment gateway will connect your personal website or online store app directly to the related financial service provider, for example a bank, e-wallet application (OVO, Dana, etc.), or also providers for installment without a credit card (Kredivo, Indodana, etc).

Don’t forget to make sure that the Payment Gateway you choose is officially licensed by Bank Indonesia and meets international security standards like Duitku. For those of you who already have a Duitku account, you only have to send an email to [email protected] or contact us on live chat on the dashboard to register your store participation for this 17.8 promo. And for those of you who don’t have a Duitku account, don’t worry! With only your ID card and Taxpayer Identification Number, you can register your website on Duitku! If you feel that you are not ready yet because your online store doesn’t have an adequate website yet, don’t worry! Just register your online store at Duitku and keep up with information of interesting promos in the Duitku newsletter.

#StartwithOneTransaction and get the long-term benefits for your business growth in the future!

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