Grow Your Business with Instagram Paid Promote

Duitku Admin on Sep 27, 2021 in Information

Have you ever heard the term “Paid Promote”? Paid Promote or paid promotion is a strategy to market your products through third parties who have many followers. Simply put, by promoting products through a third party, their followers might be interested in finding out more or even buying the products promoted. The concept of paid promote has been known since it has become a trend on Twitter, and now many business owners have been started doing it on Instagram as well.

Things to do before using a paid promote:

Manage Your Account Well

Make the appearance of your social media or business platform as attractive as possible, starting from profile photos, descriptions, and other information. If you are on Instagram, make your Instagram feed look as catchy as possible. If you present an interesting content with attractive visuals, it will make your followers curious about your business.

Understand Your Target Market

To really understand your target market, you would need a ‘special’ session because of the complexity of the audience characteristics that are clearly different from each other. Actually, the goal is to be able to find out one common thread that your audiences have among these varied characteristics so that we finally know which one our target audience is. Things you can do are first, clearly map the characteristics of the potential target audience. Second, find as much information as possible by categorizing gender, age, place of residence, interests, hobbies and more. Through this mapping process, besides making content creation become easier, the selection of KOL will be done effectively.

Find a Trusted Third Party

People can sell anything nowadays, including followers. Therefore, make sure the third party you are going to ask for a promotion really have a significant influence. A high number of followers does not guarantee authenticity. To know whether their followers are real, you can pay attention on the interactions between the third party and their audience, see the interactions in the content they create.

Do A Promotion At The Right Time

After you find a suitable public account, you can ask when the best posting hours are recommended by the public account owner. Usually the peak times are at the Golden Time or the following hours:
12.00 – 14.00
17,000 – 18:00
19.00 – 20.00

Besides posting time, you must also determine the exact day of when you want to do the paid promote, for instance, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. People usually do a paid promote on the weekend since their audience will have more free time.

Use Interesting Images or Videos as Promotional Media.

If you are about to use a paid promote service, you must first think about what kind of content you want to use as a promotional medium. Moreover, if you want to do a paid promote on a platform like Instagram, then visual is the key on whether the promotion would be a success or not. Do not use ordinary or even low quality images.
Use an interesting and attention-grabbing image which has a potential to go viral, or at the very least, use an image which is nice to look at. Besides using photos or images, you can also use a video for promotion. But keep in mind to make a video that can attract potential buyers.

Write an Interesting Caption

Don’t underestimate the power of caption! Caption can complement the photo or video that you use for paid promotion. One pro-tip is to use a story telling technique in your caption to promote your business in a smooth and elegant way.

Use Targeted Hashtags

When people search for a product, for instance, makeup, the hashtag #skincare will usually appear. If that person clicks on the hashtag #makeup and a cosmetic product appears, then they will see the post. With the use of the right and targeted hashtags, a post can enter Instagram search results or even make it to the TOP POST category so the post will be seen by more audience.

To sum up, Paid promote is a way to promote your products by utilizing third-party accounts with many followers. Compared to an endorsing method done by celebgram or celebrity, paid promote is more efficient because you can do it with very minimal cost. In fact, some business owners sometimes only need to give their products for free to ask for a paid promote, but it still depends on the account we choose.

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