Get to know WHMCS and its Use

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WHMCS is a practical solution for those of you who want to start a web hosting business or offer web services. With WHMCS, you will no longer have to worry about how to activate products, create financial reports, or make billing to clients. For web designers and developers, WHMCS can be a way to combine additional services with clients and maintain an ongoing relationship after development is complete.

Client management panels such as WHMCS can be used to automate the creation and management of client web hosting services. The use of WHMCS cannot be separated from web hosting. Web hosting makes the files that comprise the website (code, images, and the like) viewable online. Every website you’ve ever visited is hosted on a server.

Managing a server certainly requires a stable and strong network because the web hosting will be connected by many networks. WHMCS is what functions to manage sites and accounts on the server. So, WHMCS can be used to manage all the things that server users need, such as payments, registration, and various other services provided.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS stands for Complete Web Host Manager Solution. Initially, HMC was developed as a control panel that allows automatic provisioning of cPanel web hosting accounts using the Web Host Manager control panel. WHMCS is a web-based web host manager application which was first developed by Matther Pugh in 2003. Initially, this web host was developed to simplify and automate whatever is required for web hosting companies.

This software tool functions as a consumer manager as well as payment and billing. The app also helps provide consumer support for other online based businesses. It can be said that WHMCS can be relied on to overcome all things related to web hosting. Using this tool, hosting providers can save hours of time as they can automate repetitive tasks, which in turn allows you to focus solely on growing your business.

This step provides an easily accessible management interface that provides and manages things like customer registration, service/server provisioning, management and support. WHMCS is perfect for retailers, agencies, and developers looking to streamline or expand their web-dependent businesses.

WHMCS is a full-featured web hosting client management panel. Its main goal is to provide web hosting businesses with a system that can be integrated into websites so that visitors can purchase web hosting services. WHMCS integrates with various web hosting servers and related apps so that when a client purchases a service on your site, WHMCS will collect the payment, creating a user account for the client to manage their service. Automatically, WHMCS also provides a web hosting account on the hosting server. This process can save time and make work simpler.

Initially, WHMCS was an independent company. Then in 2012, the company partnered with cPanel. With this partnership, WHMCS can provide integration with cPanel so as to provide greater benefits for its users.

Uses of WHMCS

WHMCS contains all the necessary tools to make the work of a web hosting business easier. Therefore, this device has several functions such as the following:

  • Customer support
  • Billing management
  • Report
  • Fraud Management
  • Order management
  • Domain registration

WHMCS is not only used to manage cPanel accounts. This tool can also be used to automate provisioning on:

  • VPN Account
  • Game Servers
  • VPS Hosting
  • Domain
  • Email Account
  • And a wide range of other web service related products.

How to Use WHMCS

To use WHMCS, there are several steps you can do. Here’s how to use WHMCS:

  1. Buy a license
  2. Purchase a license for WHMCS on their website. You can choose a package based on the number of clients you expect and also you can increase it anytime in the future.

  3. Buy a server and install
  4. Purchase a server and install WHMCS on it using the WHMCS installation wizard. We recommend that the server use cPanel/WHM so that WHMCS can be easily installed. WHMCS is also available using Softaculous if you have one.

  5. Device configuration
  6. Once the WHMCS installation is complete, you can start configuring it with the software. This includes creating products, setting up panel designs on your website, and more.

  7. Device integration
  8. You can integrate WHMCS into your company’s main website or just use it as a stand-alone interface for users to purchase domains and other hosting services from your company.

As previously mentioned, since 2012 WHMCS has partnered with cPanel so that these devices can integrate with each other. Therefore, the WHMCS installation process can be done easily if you have installed cPanel and Softaculous. If you already have both, you just need to press the click button like a WordPress installation.

Then, if you already have cPanel, here’s how to install it

  • Log in to your cPanel account then in the menu section select mysql database wizard. After that, enter the database name and enter the username and password you want.
  • After that, select the file manager, then public and HTML. Then do the process of downloading or uploading the web host manager complete solution file.
  • Then open the website and a warning screen will appear. Then install Webhost Manager Complete Solution.
  • Fill in the name in the database and don’t forget to also fill in the username, password, license key, and email.
  • Open cPanel and select file manager. After that, find the installation folder and delete the folder.

This installation process can be done when you already have a valid license key. If you don’t have it, you can install a website and manage a complete solution. You can also get a valid license key by contacting customer support for more information.

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