Get to know more about business ads on Tiktok in 5 steps

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 20, 2021 in Information

Do you feel familiar when you hear the word “Tiktok”? Lately, we often hear "let’s
tiktok this" or maybe even get an invitation to "dance on tiktok ", especially
among the youngster. So, in order to understand the current hottest social media
better, let's discuss thoroughly what Tiktok is and the benefits of advertising on
Tiktok for your business!

Definition of Tiktok

Tiktok is a social network that is currently very popular and is liked by so many
people, from teenagers to adults. Through this medium, we can share short
videos with a duration of 15 seconds to 3 minutes filled with songs, dances, and
various creative filters. In fact, there are those who make short films only with
this app!

Our creativity will be tested through the content we create. We alsp can find very
interesting and informative content from editing to funny content.

The positive impact of Tiktok is also quite a lot,

  • Improving Creativity
  • Self-Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Self Branding
  • Developing business & marketing

This time, we will discuss how to further develop a business & marketing on

Tiktok, the most downloaded mobile app in Indonesia, has 3.7 million active
users. With this number, promotion opportunities are surely wide open. Some
brands have even realized the potential TikTok has and started promoting their
business on this platform. Although it is said to be a platform for younger users,
there are also many older TikTok users (30-45 years old) who often surf on this
app to seek entertainment in the form of short video.

Here are 5 tips on how you can market your products to reach a wider audience
of Tiktok users and audience!

1. Creating a Business Account

After creating an account and entering the required information data, your
account will be transferred to Tiktok Bisnis. This option is in the “Manage My
Account” menu. Then post an interesting photo, include a link to your
shop/company website, and write a short bio about your business.

2. Dive deeper into the app

TikTok is full of millennials and so-called Generation Z. You have to really
understand how it works and types of content that are highly favored in order to
create a content that is identically creative, vibrant & witty or a promotional
content that is interesting and fresh.

3. Focus on Creating Content & Its Quality

Make a content as interesting and fun as possible by studying any trending or viral
posts. Most of these TikTok viewers are attracted to content that makes them
curious. It may even attract them to comment on or like the post. In addition,
educational content also increases audience’s curiosity.

4. Take advantage of viral songs, filters and hashtags.

Another way to make our content go up is by using trending songs, filters, and
hashtags. This strategy is considered effective enough to increase the number of
views, bring in new followers, and increase the engagement rate.

5. Register TikTok Ads

In order to reach a wider audience, we can take advantage of TikTok advertising
services. Here are some types of TikTok ads that you can use for business

  • Brand Takeover. It usually appears as soon as you open the app, with a
    display that fills the screen.
  • In-Feed Videos. Appears in the For You Page (FYP) after you scroll two or
    three videos. The difference with Brand Takeover is people can like and
    leave a comment on your post of you use this type of ad.
  • Branded AR Content. Ads using 2D/3D/AR (Augmented Reality) filters or
    stickers with your own brand name.
  • Hashtag Challenge. Ads that appear on the Discovery page. The use of the
    hashtag itself is expected to be able to invite TikTok users to participate in
    the challenge.

So those are the tips for advertising your business on TikTok. Don't forget to test
various creative elements and market targeting to improve your ads on TikTok so
that your audience will grow. We hope this guide helps you and prepares you to
dive into the world of TikTok advertising. As the format on the platform is still
relatively new, advertisers and users expect to see trends, process and best
practices evolve over time. Let's make the best use of this platform so that we can
compete in promoting our products!

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