Direct Cash Disbursement via Pos Indonesia Office Network

Duitku Admin on Jun 16, 2022 in Information

To run a business effectively, many business owners are automating their remittance process with a disbursement system. The disbursement process is widely used to process payments to business partners, process refunds, or disburse user funds. The disbursement process can speed up the process of distributing funds because the process does not have to be done by an admin and can be done 24/7. The large volume of transactions at the same time is also not a problem.

Disbursement funds are usually sent to the user’s bank account or user’s e-wallet account. Even so, the majority of Indonesian people still feel more comfortable transacting using physical money. In fact, until mid-2021 yesterday, 51% of adults in Indonesia did not have a bank account, although 70% of Indonesians already had internet access.

To answer this problem, Duitku collaborates with PT Pos Indonesia to facilitate merchants to send funds in the form of cash through post office outlets spread throughout Indonesia.

Established in 1746, the Indonesian Post Office aims to ensure the security of sending residents’ letters. Currently, the post office network has reached 24 thousand service points and is spread over almost 100% of every sub-district and 42% of every village in Indonesia. In addition to collaborating with the Indonesian Post Office, you can also disburse funds in the form of cash through Indomaret outlets with Duitku!

There are 2 types of cash disbursement that you can use through Duitku:

  1. Cash to Account
  2. The amount of funds that can be sent for each disbursement transaction starts from IDR 50,000 to IDR 2,000,000, and the transaction fee for each successful disbursement is IDR 8,000 (including VAT).

  3. Remittance
  4. The amount of funds that can be sent for each disbursement transaction starts from IDR 10,000 to 15,000,000 IDR, and the transaction fee for each successful disbursement is IDR 25,000 (including VAT).

*Duitku does not charge registration fees or maintenance fees, all fees are based on the number of transactions.

How do I open a cash disbursement channel through Pos Indonesia on Duitku?

Currently, the Pos Indonesia disbursement channel can be used by all Duitku corporate merchants who already have a Disbursement Cooperation agreement. PT Pos Indonesia’s cash disbursement channel is an open API. Merchants can directly integrate the Cash Disbursement API into their website or app. However, for the first activation of this disbursement channel, the merchant must inform the activation request via email to [email protected]. Disbursement API Key will be sent via the registered email.

How do users withdraw cash through Pos Indonesia office?

After the User chooses to receive cash funds through Pos Indonesia office, the User will receive an SMS consisting of a unique code to identify the withdrawal of funds along with a PIN number to take the funds.

Example of a cash disbursement code message

After receiving the following message, the User can withdraw funds by:

  1. Visit the nearest Pos Indonesia counter
  2. Inform Pos Indonesia officers to process the disbursement of Digital Postal Checks
  3. Inform Pos Indonesia officers regarding the Clearing/Check number and also the PIN
  4. Pos Indonesia officers will confirm customer data
  5. If the funds withdrawn are more than 2 million rupiah (using remittance), Pos Indonesia officers will ask the fund taker to provide 2 photocopies of his ID card and ask for some information to confirm the identity of the funder.
  6. Pos Indonesia officers submits a certain amount of funds according to the transaction that has been made
  7. If the transaction is successful, a payment receipt will be printed, as a proof that the money has been received, the customer will be asked to sign the printed receipt.
  8. Transaction complete.

This easy way to send money via Pos Indonesia is very helpful for financial transactions without a bank account and e-wallet. With this convenience, for online business owners and as a Duitku disbursement merchant, you can send money in the form of cash automatically.

Integrate now and facilitate your Users / Customers, so they will use your platform more often!

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