Considers These 5 Things before Accepting Online Credit Card Payments

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 16, 2021 in Information

Do you want to sell products at high prices but are afraid that buyers will object because they have to pay in full? Are you interested in making it easier for customers by providing a credit card payment system but worried for being scammed? Sigh, it feels like that one song by an Indonesian Singer Raisa, “All I do is wrong!”

Nowadays, almost everyone has a credit card. Besides being easy and practical, credit cards provide millions of benefits for their users. Starting from the easiness in transactions, efficient because there are many promotions and cashbacks, installment programs, and so on.

But behind the many benefits offered, entrepreneur still have to be vigilant. The reason is crimes with credit card fraud mode is the most often to occur. In order to feel more secure when opening a payment line with a credit card, let’s dig deeper into 5 things that must be considered before accepting credit card payments at online stores in the following article. Please, read until the end.

1. Enable Three-Factor Authentication

Three-factor authentication is a must thing to activate if you provide credit card payments. This is because it can minimize the risk of fraud since it requires users to confirm the user’s claimed identity using a combination of three different factors.

The first factor is the card’s expiration date and the second is the 3 digit number on the back of the credit card (CVV). Since September 2015, Bank Indonesia has required online credit card transactions to use the One Time Password (OTP) media, which is sent via short message to a registered mobile number, to authenticate transactions, that’s the third factor. This way, we can be sure that the identity of the registered credit card user won’t be misused.

2. Give Credit Limit or Transaction Limit

To minimize losses, you can activate a credit limit or transaction nominal limit. That way, payments made by credit cards will be in accordance with the limits that you have previously set.

For example, if you set a transaction limit of 5 million rupiah, purchases using a credit card above 5 million rupiah will not be allowed. That way, if you happen to be deceived, the loss won’t be too big. In addition, this method can also detect unusual transaction activities that occur in your business. Therefore, not only customers will feel secure, but so will you, since all your business transaction activities will automatically be well monitored.

3. Choose your Credit Card User Region

Selecting the region for credit card users is mandatory if you accept credit card payments. You can also limit the area of ​​​​credit card users that you can accept with regional inclusion or exclusion.

For example, if you have an online business in Indonesia, you only serve orders and deliveries in Asian countries. You can activate the region only for Asian states. So, other states like; Europe, America, Australia, Africa, and so on will not be able to make purchases using a credit card. Of course, this is very effective when done to reduce the risk of fraud. Say good bye to fraudster and thief!

4. Activate Address Verification System

What do you feel when you are happy because you just did your order delivery and suddenly the transaction failed because the payment made is a fraud? Surely, you don’t want that to happen, do you?

If you don’t want that to happen, it is a must to activate the Address Verification System (AVS) when accepting credit card payments. The address verification system requires the user to enter an address that has been registered as a billing address. By activating the address verification system, you can minimize the risk of fraud because you can track the address when it happens to be a fraud. In addition, this data can be used as a billing address if the payment is not successful. So, you don’t have to worry too much.

5. Make sure the Payment Gateway you use has a PCIDSS certificate

Payment Gateway is a technology to make it easier for your business to accept online payments from websites or apps. The payment gateway functions as a channel that connects your holding account to the platform where you make transactions. A payment gateway is also the one that allows you to accept payments by credit card.

Payment gateway offers various conveniences for all transactions, but you also have to pay attention to the security certificate owned by the payment gateway you are using. Make sure your payment gateway has a payment card industry data security standard certificate such as PCI-DSS (link to

The certificate indicates that the payment gateway that you use can maintain credit card data and personal identity used by customers to make payments. So customers will feel secure and comfortable when making transactions on your website because their data is guaranteed to not leak. You will of course also minimize the problem of data leakage from your online business.

Those are 5 things to consider before accepting credit card payments online. For those of you who are interested in adding an online payment method with a credit card, you can use a payment gateway for your business. But keep in mind that you must be careful in choosing the payment gateway.

Make sure the payment gateway you choose is officially licensed by Bank Indonesia and meets international security standards such as Duitku (link to homepage). Whatever the transaction is, Duitku is the answer!

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