Apply These Strategies to Increase Your Business Transactions

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 20, 2021 in Information

Increasing sales turnover is not easy, especially in the midst of a seemingly endless
pandemic situation. Many business owners try to apply various methods to maintain the
sustainability of the company, from streamlining the production process, providing extra
services, to applying various marketing techniques.

To apply the right marketing techniques, you need to prepare a sales strategy so that
business transactions can be increased. Even better if the strategy is prepared before
your business starts.

So, what are some effective sales strategy to increase business transactions? There
are 4 tips that you can apply so that your business will gain more profits

1. Improve Product Quality

Basically, there are 2 things that you need to consider in selling, namely products
quality and price competition. If you don't want to compete in terms of price, you can
improve your product quality so you can still maintain sales profit margins.

Product quality plays a role in increasing sales turnover in online and offline stores. If
your product is high quality, customers will definitely not hesitate to repurchase your
products or even promote your product for free to the people around them.

Therefore, it is very important to do a quality check before the product is distributed so
that the reputation of your store is maintained. Surely you don't want to lose customers
just because of manufacturing defects, right?

2. Branding Optimization

Besides improving product quality, you need to understand the importance of branding
for businesses. Branding is a way to provide superiority or uniqueness to customer
perceptions so that they can be a regular customer.

Strengthening brand awareness (branding) is one way to increase online business
transactions. With a strong brand, you will no longer need to be afraid of competitors
who have similar products with yours. Customers will definitely choose to continue
transacting with your business.

Therefore, optimize your branding by involving customers in every promotion. This
method can place your business brand on top of every customer’s mind.

3. Promote Products

In increasing sales turnover online, there are various ways to promote products, one of
the most popular media to promote your retail products is via social media. The reason
is because there are lots of novice business owners who have succeeded in increasing
business transactions up to many times their capital just by using social media.

This is because social media is a platform that has a wide audience and is never empty
of visitors. Especially platforms, like Instagram and TikTok. These two platforms have
the potential to boost your online sales if you can make the best of their use. Therefore,
start updating your business social media regularly by using the special features
available to increase business profits.

4. Integrate Business Checkout System

Many people sometimes do impulsively buying, so if a customer cannot buy right away,
they may forget your products later on and switch to another product or store. To avoid
this thing to happen, you can implement a seamless shopping experience by providing
digital payment options for online businesses.

By integrating a business checkout system, customers can make transaction 24/7 and
you can provide a comfortable shopping experience so they will complete their
transactions easily. This way, it is surely easier for customers to complete purchases in
your store and they most likely will do a repurchase later on.

In addition, various digital payment methods can increase security and convenience for
customers so they may be back to do a transaction on your store. You can use a
payment gateway as an option to support various online payment methods without
having to open multiple accounts. With a payment gateway, you can also see all
transaction reports in one dashboard so that sales recording will be in order.

Those are the 4 ways to increase your business transactions. Lastly, make sure to
integrate your business payments with a payment gateway that has obtained
permission from Bank Indonesia and has a PCI-DSS security certificate, like Duitku, to
improve shopping experience for customers.

With a payment gateway, you will no longer need to wait for payment receipts from
customers because all payment will be confirmed automatically. Moreover, customers
can also choose the payment options they favor.

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