8 Payment Types on Online Stores to Make It Easy for Your Customers

mar anto on Sep 20, 2021 in Information

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some policies around us have changed. Starting from PSBB
(Large-Scale Social Restrictions) to PPKM (Enforcement of Restrictions on Public Activities)
which urges people to stay at home and keep their distance. Since then, online shopping habits
are increasing. This is proven by data collected by the Indonesia E-commerce Association (idEA)
and We Are Social showing that online shopping in Indonesia has increased by 25% to 30%.
With this data, online shop owners are required to be more creative and innovative in
displaying and marketing their products. In addition, it makes it easier for customers to make
the purchase process and the payment system can also be a way to pamper them. In fact, the
complicated payment process can make customers to cancel the purchases. They might think
why it is so hard just to purchase and eventually shop at the store next door. Therefore,
facilitating customers to transact and providing various options for making payments are one of
the things you should consider.

One of the things you can do to facilitate your customers to transact easily on your website or
online application is to connect it to a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a payment
channel that connects merchant websites or online applications with financial service
institutions such as banks, e-wallets, credit card transaction managers, and many others.
The following are various payment options for online stores that you can open using a payment

1. Bank Transfer (Virtual Account) – ATM, M-Banking, I-Banking

The old way of making transactions is to transfer payments via ATM/M-Banking/I-Banking
directly to the seller's bank account. This payment is so familiar that it is often used in online
shopping. The weakness of this payment method for sellers is if in one day they receive a lot of
payments, it will be bothersome and time-consuming to verify the order. Therefore, the current

Virtual Account system is more in demand.

A virtual account is a specially generated number for customer payments that usually lasts only
24 hours. This number contains Customer ID information data and the amount of money to be
transferred. When the customer enters the virtual account number, the name of the customer
and the total price will appear. So for customers, the payment process is easier, no need to
manually type in the destination account number and nominal. The security of the transaction
is also maintained since a virtual account payment method can reduce the risk of transfer
errors. For sellers, they will get confirmation reports automatically of which customers have
successfully made payments with the right nominal.

2. Card (Debit/Credit)

Payments using a Debit/Credit card do not only rely on an EDC (Electronic Data Capture)
machine where you swipe your card on. You can also pay for your online shopping by paying
with a Debit/Credit card. Using it is very easy, just enter your Debit/Credit card data into the
payment service such as card number, CVV (Credit Verification Value) number and card validity
period, and the transaction will be automatically done. If you make a payment using a debit
card, the transaction will be directly deducted from your savings account, and when you use a
credit card, your transaction will be counted as a debt or credit card bill.

Credit cards are known for the most risky payment method due to a high risk of data theft.
Check out this article (https://www.duitku.com/saat-5-hal-ini-before-menerima-payan-kartu-
kredit-online/) for tips on using credit card transaction method safely and securely.

3. Digital Wallet (E-Wallet) – Gopay, Dana, OVO, LinkAja, TCASH, Jenius, Paypal

You must have often seen advertisements on TV, Youtube and even Tiktok about how easy it is
to make payments using OVO, Gopay and Dana. These examples are what we call ‘E-Wallet’, a
transaction without using physical money. With only a cellphone, you can make transactions
with Digital Wallets.

So, a digital wallet or E-Wallet is an electronic application service with a system for storing
payment instrument data, for storing funds and can be used to make online transaction
payments. No need for cash or card.

4. QR Code Payment – ​​QRIS

QR Code Payment is an online payment where we scan the barcode provided by the
seller/online shop. This makes it easier for people and avoids mistake made by customers to
enter the seller's account number. Just enter the amount you need to pay and click ‘send’.
Make sure the internet connection on your smartphone is available when you scan the
barcode, because it usually requires a stable internet connection to be able to transact with QR
Code Payment.

In 2020, Bank Indonesia established QRIS (https://www.duitku.com/apa-itu-qris-dan-apa-saja-
keuntungannya/ ) or Quick Response Indonesian Standard, which is a QR code that can be used
on mobile banking and e-wallet apps. This payment method is growing rapidly and favored by
merchants because of its convenience and very competitive prices compared to other payment

5. Online / Paylater Loan Providers – Indodana, AkuLaku, Kredivo

Not everyone has a credit card, but sometimes people also find it too burdensome to pay in full
payment. It could be because the amount to be paid is bigger than the money you have or
when a sudden need arises. In those kind of situation, people will look for the fastest and
easiest solution, one of which is by applying an installment account without a credit card.

Installment services without a credit card are money loan services provided by online-based
financial services. Online loan service providers are the examples of innovation in financial
technology. With a very easy way of registering, where usually only requires an ID card and a
phone number, you can get a loan limit without collateral in just clicks away.

6. Payment via Retail Outlets

More and more retail outlets have sprung up in various regions which can also be used as an
online business payment system. Customers can make payments in cash at retail outlets with a
unique code that has been generated on the website or online store app where they shop.

Therefore, customers who want to pay with cash are facilitated as well. Sellers will also feel
secure and the efficiency when they receive an order. Usually, this payment method is very
crucial to reach customers who does not have a bank account and e-wallet in Indonesia, where
those who have them are still in the range of 40%.

7. Direct Debit – BCAKlikPay, OCTOClicks, e-PayBRI

Direct Debit is a payment system where you can authorize customers
(organizations/institutions) to be able to withdraw money from your registered bank account
automatically or when a previously registered payment is due. This method is the most simple
and most convenient when you have a list of recurring payments, such as BPJS Health

payments, monthly fees, mandatory savings, etc. However, the institution must still give an
advance notice of when to withdraw and the amount to be withdrawn.

8. Cash On Delivery (COD)

Lately, there has been a lot of viral news about customers scolding couriers when they buy a
product using the COD payment method. To some of you who are still don't know what is COD
payment method, it is an abbreviation of the term Cash On Delivery. The term COD used to
refer to the sale of goods online, but the receipt of goods and payment required the seller and
customer to meet at an agreed location and time. This has drawbacks and is not effective if the
customer’s location is too far from the seller. Although this one payment method is not
included in the payment methods offered by a Payment Gateway, this method is very
interesting for you to know.

However, online shop owners who join the marketplace can still use this COD payment system
even though customers are far from their location. The COD process which is usually carried out
by the seller and the customer become carried out by the courier and the customer. The
customer can ensure that the ordered goods have arrived and make payment in cash to the
courier who delivered the package.

All payment methods for online shops or online shopping above are currently provided in one
payment gateway system. Just register an account and you can immediately open the various
payment methods above. So easy, isn’t it?

By using a payment gateway, sellers do not need to take time to do manual checks through M-
banking or I-banking. The advantage for customers when shopping online at an online store
which uses a payment gateway is that it is easier to make payments via various payment
methods and can be processed 24/7. Usually, shopping on a website that is connected to a
payment gateway also makes customers feel more secure in completing the transactions, since
to join and activate a payment gateway account, merchants are required to provide their
personal data such as ID card, NPWP, account book, and others. If any of the required
requirements are invalid, then the seller cannot activate a payment gateway on their online

Finally, make sure the payment gateway you choose has officially received a permission from
Bank Indonesia and has an international standard security certificate like Duitku. Let Duitku
take care of your transactions!

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