5 Ways to Maximize Eid Sales

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 16, 2021 in Information

The month of Ramadan has arrived! Can you believe it? In addition to being a month to focus more on worshipping, Ramadan is also a good momentum to develop your business! This is because needs during this month tends to increase so that the public consumption must also increase. There are so many businesses that you can run during the holy month. Starting from a well-prepared business to an impromptu one.

You might think that an impromptu business will not last long, and the profit you get is not much. However, it is a fact that an impromptu business is no less profitable then the well-prepared one. There are so many impromptu businesses that you can run during Ramadan.

Starting from the business of pastries, fashion, hampers, Ramadan foods, to providing catering for sahoor. You can also give some discount and Ramadan promos. During this month, people usually meet their needs for the upcoming holiday. So, this is your chance to maximize sales in Ramadan to gain maximum profits.

The number of businesses that are increasingly emerging in the month of Ramadan makes the competition even fiercer. To overcome the existing competition, you need to follow the surefire tips to maximize your sales. Let’s discuss 4 tips that you can do to maximize your business in the month of Ramadan. Please, read until the end.

1. Preparing Ideas of Ramadan Edition Products

Making ideas on products for the Ramadan edition is a must. Because then, customers will think that the product has a limited offer so they have to buy it immediately. In addition, Ramadan edition products are also suitable to be sent as hampers for friends, relatives, and even family.

To make a Ramadan edition product, you can prepare your store’s favorite products that are packaged with a new look that matches the spirit of Ied, or you can also introduce new special Ramadan products. This is considered to increase exposure to new products, and repeat purchases for your business’s favorite products. By making Ramadan edition products, your sales will definitely be selling well!

2. Promote Your Products

One thing that should not be missed is promotions. With promotions, your products will be better known by potential buyers. However, you have to prepare a different promotional strategy during the month of Ramadan.

This is because, according to data by iPrice, during Ramadan, Indonesians are seen shopping online more during working hours. People are also actively shopping online from 10 – 11 am and 4-5 pm. 4 – 5 pm is usually when many are home early due to changes in work hours, and spend the time before iftar with their families later in the evening. You can maximize the promotion time in these hours to get maximum profit.

For example, making promotions with the atmosphere of Eid in the form of discounts at sahoor time or making games while hanging out or waiting for iftar. This will certainly attract buyers and they will be more excited to shop! Don’t forget to use Eid-themed hashtags, such as; #hamperslebaran #hamperslebaran2021 or even #hampers(location where you live) so that your products are easier to find. Also check out other promotional tips to boost your online sales (link to the March 3 blog post article: https://www.duitku.com/strategy-to-meningkatkan-penjualan-di-toko-online/ )

3. Use E-Commerce and E-Wallet

Competition for e-commerce and e-wallet is increasing every day. It is possible that, in the month of Ramadan, they will continue to compete and carry out various promotions and cashbacks to attract buyers. Don’t miss this opportunity by using e-commerce and e-wallet! To do this, you need to maximize the use of features in e-commerce. For example, by participating in flash sales or live sale streaming, so you can reach more potential buyers from various segments.

E-wallet providers are also always innovating for the better to make transactions easier for their users, starting from paying using a scanned QR code to the paylater service where you can still do a purchase even when there is no balance in your account. Not only that, the increasingly fierce competition of e-wallet providers in Indonesia has made them compete to carry out promotions and cashback programs. So, make sure your business is ready to accept payments by e-wallet to facilitate and encourage customers to shop on your online stores.

4. Provide an Easy and Convenient Shopping Experience

During the month of Ramadan, sometimes shoppers order goods when the Ied day is approaching despite the fact that orders in the month of Ramadan usually tend to increase. This causes sellers overwhelmed at handling their business that can lead them to miss many transactions or loads of deals to not taken care of. You surely do not want your customers to shop on other stores because they have to wait for your response as a seller to process the order.

Therefore, you can speed up the checkout system on your online store. One of them is by automating the transaction process in your business with a payment gateway. A payment gateway allows all your business transactions to run safely, quickly, and automatically. So, customer does not have to contact the seller just to ask about payment methods or send payment receipts. Therefore, you can focus more on packing and managing orders. Finally, the goods will be sent faster! Not only it makes customers happy, but you will also gain your profit faster!

5. Provide Various Payment Options to facilitate Buyers

The number of new things that must be purchased and prepared by the public to welcome Eid sometimes makes their cash flow problematic. One way to facilitate customers in finishing their purchases during Ramadan is to offer credit or installment payments so that customers can manage their monthly expenses more freely.
In addition to banking credit card payment lines, there are currently very widespread paylater payment lines or installments without a credit card. Although the Paylater payment method is considered to make people more consumptive, the fact is that payments with installment facilities can help consumers to manage their financial flows so that they can always be ready to face unexpected expenses!

To receive various payments directly on your website, you can use payment gateway technology! With a payment gateway, you can directly connect with a bank or installment service provider without a credit card. A payment gateway system is also equipped with a built in fraud detection system so that your transactions are guaranteed to be more secure. The more customers who have access to buy your products, the more your sales will increase!

However, you should not carelessly choose any payment gateway service provider as your business partner. Make sure the payment gateway has official legality from Bank Indonesia and meets international security standards like Duitku. (link to homepage)
Those are 4 things you can do to maximize your business during the holy month of Ramadan. The month is a good time to maximize your business because people tend to shop a lot during this period to meet their needs until the upcoming holiday.

So, to maximize your business, start automating your checkout process so you can focus on growing your business and reach the maximum profits in Ramadan. Let Duitku take care of your business transactions!

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