5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 17, 2021 in Information

For online business, increasing customer satisfaction is a must since customer satisfaction can be a measure of the success of a business. If the customer is satisfied, it is possible that the customer will return to buy the product/service offered and invite people around them to buy the same product.

There are 5 ways to increase customer satisfaction you can do so that you get a better chance of customers to repurchase products on your online store. Check out the tips below!

1. Listen to Complaints and Suggestions

Your customers issue a complaint? Listen to them carefully and record the complaint. A complaint indicates that there is an imperfection in the product/service you offer so you need to fix it immediately.
Don’t forget to pay attention to these complaints and take action. By following up on complaints, customers will feel valued for their opinions which will give an impact on their satisfaction.

2. Extra Service

Generally, people are interested in buying products after seeing the promos offered. Therefore, offer extra services by giving special discounts or promotions, either to new customers or the regular ones.

3. Serve to Them Friendly

Hospitality is one of several indicators of customer satisfaction. Therefore, make sure customers get the best service by showing friendliness and ensuring that the delivery process is on time. Your customers will definitely be satisfied with the service you give.

4. Easy Payment

Make the best use of technological advances like Payment Gateway to provide various payment methods directly on your website or app, such as debit cards, credit cards, to digital wallets (e-wallet). By providing various payment options, customers can choose to pay in full or in installments so that your products will be more affordable to many people.

With a payment gateway, you also make it easier for customers to buy your products since they can make transactions 24/7 without waiting for your response. This surely will make customer satisfaction increases since midnight online shopping is no longer a problem.

5. Provide Security Guarantee

Maintaining customer trust is a must. For this reason, provide product security guarantees and transaction service, so that customers will continue to use the products/services that you offer and do not move to other stores.
Most importantly, don’t forget to integrate your store with a payment gateway that is equipped with a fraud detection system to detect fraud in every business transaction, like Duitku.

With Duitku Payment Gateway, all transactions can be processed automatically 24/7. You will immediately get a transaction notification without waiting for customers to send the transfer receipt.
Start integrate your business with Duitku to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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