5 Tips for Twin Date Sale Preparation

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 20, 2021 in Information

You must have often seen big sales on twin dates like 10.10; 11.11 and other twin dates. Usually on
the twin dates, there are many interesting promos when we shop at online stores/marketplaces. The
pattern of shopping on these twin dates is highly favored by the people of Indonesia.

The discounts offered attracts people's attention to shop online, especially during the Covid-19
pandemic since 2020, people's tendency to shop online has increased.

This twin date sale is usually carried out every month. Enthusiasm for big discounts is very high
because customers feel that sales on these dates are more profitable than ones on other days. The
enthusiasm of the discount seekers not only benefits the merchants because it increases sale traffic
and popularizes their business but customers are also satisfied since they can shop more efficiently.

Big sales events like this help boost online buying and selling activities in Indonesia. If the
consumption level of the Indonesians is low, then the impact will affect the level of goods production.
When the level of goods production is low, the capital spent must be less. When that happens, the
only choice left is to cut the quality of goods, or cut the human resources.

To avoid this, Indonesians are continuously encouraged to spend their money so that the level of
public consumption can grow higher and so are the country's economy .

In order to keep your expenses in control when shopping, or to not miss a very profitable
sale. The following are tips for discount seekers during a twin date sale event:

1. Stay updated on e-commerce which holds a sale event, usually before the D-day of the twin
date, many promotion ads will have been distributed.

2. Subscribe via email. Usually, online stores offer email subscriptions that contain newsletters
about information on upcoming sale events.

3. Join Flash Sale. Nowadays, there are flash sales almost every day. Flash sale is a special sales
for a very limited time at very low prices. Usually there is a reminder feature in the e-commerce if
any of your desired items are available in the flash sale list.

4. Use promo code or cashback code. Not all e-commerce applies discounts or discounts
automatically, you should first claim the voucher/cashback before the D-day.

5. Prepare a budget for shopping. It's better to top up your digital wallet balance before a twin date
sale. In addition, allocate the money you want to spend wisely, be cautious to not exceed your

It is better to prioritize shopping for goods at trusted and popular online stores. Besides that, keep
yourself under control by thinking carefully about the items you want to purchaser. Do not let yourself
buy something just because of the FOMO trend (Fear of Missing Out).

For those of you who have an online store. To anticipate a surge in orders on these twin dates, one
of many things you can do is automating payments on your website or app. With DUITKU, you can
provide an easy check-out process with various payment methods options 24/7. This way, your
customers will feel more convenient in making transactions and will be more interested in shopping
on your online store. You will receive a notification of every successful transaction and you are ready

to send orders to your customers. As a result, it will be easier for you in managing your online
business. Lastly, make sure to choose a Payment Gateway that is licensed by Bank Indonesia, like

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