5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Payment Gateway

Maryanto Saputra on Sep 16, 2021 in Information

There are so many things you have to do in running a business. Starting from doing product research, managing production, checking product stock, advertising products, shipping, answering questions from customers, and many more. Especially for those of you who are just starting a business, it must be very tiring to do everything by yourself.

One thing you can do to lighten your workload is to automate your business payment process. Payment automation will make it easier for you to provide a fast, safe and easy payment process. This will allow customers to have a seamless online shopping experience thereby driving retention and attracting customers to make transactions. If customer retention and growth increase, then your business will also grow quickly! Without a doubt, it’s something every entrepreneur would ever dream of. Therefore, let’s do payment automation by utilizing an innovation called Payment Gateway.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is a technology to make it easier for your business to accept online payments from websites or applications. Payment gateway functions as a channel that connects the holding account to the platform where you make transactions. Later, the payment system will be automated so you don’t have to bother confirming the transfer receipt with the mutation list again.

Not only does it save time, payment gateway also has several other functions to make the checkout process and payments for your online store easier. What are the other functions? Let’s discuss about them further!

1. Easy Transaction

As time goes by, payment methods are becoming increasingly diverse. Financial transactions are not only in the form of cash, debit or credit cards, but also vary to other methods, such as internet banking and e-wallet.

By using a payment gateway, you will find it easy to accept any payment method so that customers feel free to choose any payment method they want.

2. No Need to Have Multiple Bank Accounts

With a payment gateway, you can provide various payment methods without having to open a new bank account. Because, the money will be collected in one dashboard. You don’t have to bother opening accounts at various banks or e-wallets to facilitate each of your customer’s payment lines.

With one payment channel, you will no longer hassle about managing various accounts. Without a doubt, recording and managing your online business will be more practical and neat.

3. Safer Transactions

Transacting through a Payment Gateway will make you feel more secure. From the seller’s point of view, there is no more forgery of payment receipts because all transfers are checked automatically by the system, while from the customer’s perspective, they will give more trust to make transactions at your online store.

This is because the payment gateway is connected to a number of trusted banks and is equipped with a Fraud Detection System that can detect fraud. There will be no more incidents of being contacted by a bank for allegedly committing fraud!

4. Minimizing Transaction Errors

A payment gateway is able to minimize transaction errors because the nominal transaction will automatically appear when a customer wants to make a payment. Later, the customer just has to pay according to the nominal shown so you don’t have to worry about an inaccuracy of amount when making payments and orders can be processed as soon as possible.

5. Simplify the Shopping Experience for Shoppers

With a payment gateway, you don’t need to wait for a manual transaction confirmation. When a customer has paid, the order will be automatically confirmed so that the order can be processed immediately. You might want to also know: A seamless shopping experience can increase the sales of your online store!

Well, there are a lot of benefits you will get from using a Payment Gateway? Not only it makes transaction easier for business owners, Payment Gateway also makes it easier for customers. By using a Payment Gateway, your business will grow thanks to the simplicity in transactions it offers.

Although payment gateway is considered practical and able to facilitate business transaction activities, you still need to be cautious in choosing the right payment gateway. Because it is the key that determines the smoothness of your online transactions. Also, make sure that the payment gateway you choose is officially licensed by Bank Indonesia, such as Duitku.

Whatever the transaction is, Duitku is the answer!

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