5 Online Business Ideas During Ramadan

mar anto on Sep 16, 2021 in Information

The month of Ramadan, which occurs only one month a year, usually opens up a lot of business opportunities we can try. The reason is because people tend to be more consumptive during this month. Public needs during the holy month also tend to increase. Starting from the needs to always want to eat delicious food at iftar to complete their needs for Ied.

It would be too bad if we miss this opportunity that only comes once a year. Therefore, we must make the best use of it to gain the maximum profits. One way that we can do is to maximize business during the month of Ramadan. Don’t worry, the advancement of technology allows us to build an online business without having to have a shop.

However, some of you might still not sure yet of what business idea you want to do for Ramadan. Don’t worry! We have listed some ideas you can take a good look at. Let’s read until the end.

1. Selling takjil or food for Iftar

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast. Because they have to endure hunger and thirst for a long time, it causes craving for a variety of foods. Takjil is a regular snack for Iftar. The takjil menu is usually sweet. It is to restore the energy lost after the fasting all day. That’s why takjil is the menu most people are looking for during Ramadan.

Therefore, you can seek and maximize your opportunities in this business. For example, by selling a variety of fresh drinks such as juice, compote, or even sweet appetizers such as dates or pudding. You can even sell various fried foods for Iftar. Since Iftar is one of special moments spent with family, we will usually also want to celebrate it with special dishes.

2. Selling clothes

The culture of wearing new clothes on Eid is a tradition that is still carried out today. Therefore, the month of Ramadan is usually used as a time to find new clothes. In fact, people don’t just buy clothes for themselves, but for their relatives, family and parents.

You can start selling clothes which have the theme of Eid, such as robes, caps, abaya, sarongs, to mukena. Surely, your clothing business will sell well because the purchase rate is also high.

3. Selling hampers for Eid

Nowadays, sending each other hampers is something that almost everyone loves to do. Especially during this pandemic where we cannot meet each other. However, we can still send hampers to our friends or relatives as the mean to keep in touch and as a form of our care.

That is why selling hampers is one of the business ideas that open the biggest opportunities during Ramadan. Still not sure yet of what kind hampers ypu want to sell? You can sell hampers consisting of pastries or basic necessities to make it useful for the receiver. Not a few sellers are also starting to make creative hampers such as hampers consisting of herbs, ramen, air freshener, and others. Anyway, you can adjust according to your popular product sales. You can also provide masks or hand sanitizers in your hampers as a form of your concern during this pandemic.

4. Selling pastries

Do you like making pastries? This is a golden opportunity for you! Since pastry is one of the most wanted goods during the month of Ramadan. Because pastries are closely related to the theme of Ramadan and Eid, they can usually be served when someone visits our place to stay in touch.

However, you can also make pastries as gifts for friends, relatives or families. There are so many variants of pastries that you can make. Starting from nastar, sagu keju, putri salju, and many others, and to learn how to make it is also quite easy. You can search for YouTube videos which allows you to learn how to make pastries and get some tips to make your cooking even better!

5. Provide catering for sahoor

Do you like cooking at home? Then this tip is for you! You can sell your home cooking into catering for sahoor. Moreover, people tend to not want to cook in the early hours because of the sleepiness and some see it as unpractical. Therefore, providing catering for sahoor can be a very profitable business idea.

In this sophisticated era, you don’t need to worry about shipping because there is an online motorcycle taxi service that will make your business easier. So, all you have to do is cook and prepare food for sahoor to be delivered to your customer’s location.

Those are some business ideas that you can do during the month of Ramadan. There are quite a lot of business you can do, aren’t there? So, let’s start on planning your business from now on to get maximum profit!

However, a complicated shopping process often makes people feel discourage to buy your product. Especially when there are only certain payments methods available. Sigh, surely the customers will feel more annoyed.

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