5 Most Exclusive Credit Cards in Indonesia

Duitku Admin on Jun 21, 2022 in Information

Credit card holders must be familiar with black card. Recently, the term ‘black card’ has gone viral in several videos uploaded on TikTok. Black card is a type of credit card that is exclusively issued by American Express and is intended only for the super rich in the world.

This type of credit card does not have a limit, so not everyone can have this special card. By having a black card, some people have their own prestige. But make no mistake, all the features it has are worth the annual fee and features it has.

Our country also has several black card credit cards issued by banks in Indonesia. Surely, they come with commensurate terms and conditions of the cardholder. For instance, do you remember the viral news about credit cards with a very high limit of up to billions of rupiah belonging to Pak Ahok? It is not fake news. The credit card owned by Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is a corporate class. As the President Commissioner of PT Pertamina (Persero) with a salary of around Rp. 170 million per month, of course it is not a joke that his credit card limit is very high, which reaches Rp. 30 billion.

Banks are willing to offer such a high limit on exclusive credit cards for high-class priority customers. Exclusive types of credit cards are also issued by banks operating in Indonesia. The following is a list of the most exclusive credit cards in Indonesia:

  1. HSBC Visa Signature

  2. HSBC Visa Signature credit card has a maximum limit of up to IDR 1 billion. Your minimum income or salary has to be IDR 20 million per month to own this type of credit card. To enjoy the facilities offered by HSBC Visa Signature, the user has to pay an annual fee of IDR 1 million. Then for additional cards, you will be charged an annual fee of IDR 500 thousand per card.

    This credit card is suitable for those of you who like traveling or just go out of town, because with the HSBC Visa Signature you can get the benefit of free airplane tickets as much as you want. You can redeem mileage at a very competitive rate. You can enjoy flight reservations, hotels and transactions with 4x rewards points, as well as 2x rewards points for overseas transactions.

  3. Mandiri Signature

  4. Bank Mandiri issues several types of credit cards with high limits of up to Rp 1 billion. This includes the Mandiri Signature credit card, which has a limit of IDR 40 million to IDR 1 billion. Your minimum salary or income has to be at least IDR 20 million to apply for this credit card.

    The membership fee for the main card is IDR 900 thousand / year and for additional cards it is IDR 450 thousand / year. You will be charged IDR 150 thousand if the usage exceeds the credit limit. If the physical card is lost, you will be charged IDR 50 thousand per card.

  5. Citi Prestige Card

  6. The Citi Prestige Card credit card sets a very high initial credit limit of IDR 100,000,000. For those who already have an established income, this credit card is suitable for you since one of the requirements is that your minimum income has to be at least IDR 42,000,000 per month, which means your minimum income is around IDR 500,000,000 per year.

    The annual fee for this Citi Prestige Card is IDR 3,500,000 and cannot be waived for any reason. The fee for an additional card is IDR 1,500,000 per year. Surely, the costs incurred are commensurate with the benefits given. The service and convenience given to the Citi Prestige Card holder is also top-notch, number one quality like a VIP (Very Important Person).

    You will be given a facility called Citi Prestige Concierge, which functions like having a personal assistant who can manage and take care of all your needs 24 hours non-stop every day, and many other benefits.

  7. BRI Infinite Card

  8. Another exclusive credit card is the BRI Infinite Card as a lifestyle card. With the initial limit, starting from IDR 150,000,000 to IDR 999,999,999, which is almost IDR 1 billion. This is intended for BRI priority customers with a minimum AUM of IDR 500,000,000.

    One of the requirements to apply for a BRI Infinite Card credit card is to have a minimum income of IDR 20,000,000 per month and are Indonesian citizens. The annual fee is IDR 2,400,000 and the annual fee for additional cards is IDR 1,200,000.

    One of some facilities you can enjoy as a BRI Infinite Card holder is a service of premium waiting room facility at the airport so you do not have to queue while waiting for your flight. You can also enjoy the BRING, the benefit where you can shop using installments with small interest and several due date options of up to 36 months. Moreover, the BRI Infinite Card has been equipped with BRI Protection Plus.

  9. MegaFirst Infinite Card

  10. The MegaFirst Infinite Card has a minimum limit of IDR 100,000,000. This card is intended for Bank Mega’s priority banking service for MegaFirst customers. MegaFirst Infinite card holders will get the best benefits provided by all companies which have joined the CT Corp and other merchants who collaborates with Bank Mega.

    The most interesting thing about this credit card is they do not charge an annual fee, an annual fee for an additional card and an admin fee for late charge, as long as the customer has a MegaFirst membership. To apply for this type of credit card, your income has to be at least IDR 20,000,000 per month.

    If you are a MegaFirst Infinite Card holder with an average balance for the last 3 months of IDR 2,000,000,000, you will be given the right to a complimentary Priority Pass card. With this card, you will enjoy free access to VIP Lounges from more than 1,300 major airports in 500 major cities & 120 countries. Wow, this card is really suitable for those of you who like to travel overseas.

Some of the most exclusive credit cards in Indonesia we have discussed before have their own distinct advantages. Get more information for your consideration before choosing the right credit card. The limit provided by an exclusive credit card is surely high, but lest you fall into a prolonged debt. Use a credit card wisely according to your current financial ability.

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