4 Benefits of Disbursement for Business Payments

mar anto on Sep 20, 2021 in Information

In running a business, a business owner will not only think about concepts, but they must determine
ways to run their business optimally. One of the things you can apply to optimize the payment
process and distribution of funds to your business partners or customers is to use the disbursement
Speaking of which, do you know the advantages of disbursement service for online payments? Here
are 4 of them.

1. Secure Transaction

Before making a transaction through disbursement feature, the system will first check the names on
the list. The name listed have to match the name and account number that has been registered. If it
doesn't match, there will be a notification that requires the user to manually validate them. This is
intended to reduce the factor of human error in data entry.

2. Complete Transaction Data

As an easy and fast online payment solution, disbursement is designed to be able to send funds to
multiple parties via a dashboard or system directly from your website or app. There is no need for
manual transfers. Moreover, you don't need to bother searching for certain transactions, because all
mutations and transaction history are recorded in order and can be filtered from the dashboard.

3. Send Funds to Multiple Accounts

For people who has a medium-sized businesses, it will be very inconvenient if they have to make
manual transfers to various banks. This is because the process is pretty time-consuming, not to
mention the additional costs. It will be much more convenient if the transfer process is done by
disbursement method, if the user decides to withdraw funds or the system receives a valid order to
send funds from a website or an app, the system will automatically distribute them to the account in

4. Flexible and Cost-Efficient

Sending money to other accounts in a same bank does not cost a transfer fee. However, what
happens if you need to make transactions to various customers with different bank accounts? It must
be complicated and time-consuming, right?
With Disbursement, you will be able to make transactions with large volumes and frequencies. Even
though it is not completely free, the rates offered are cheaper than bank transfers. In addition, you
are also no longer need to wait for an admin to respond, confirm your transactions, and send funds
manually since Disbursement can distribute funds automatically, easily and in real-time.
So those are the 4 benefits of disbursement for business payments. When choosing a disbursement
service, make sure your choice is supervised by Bank Indonesia, like Duitku.
Disbursement Duitku makes it easy for you to make any amount of transfers, because the system
can handle any volume of transactions per day and is equipped with real-time reporting to identify
and evaluate transactions, so that even the smallest errors can be well minimized.
Use our Disbursement feature to automate your business payment process and start your success
with one transaction with Duitku!

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