Get to know 10 Benefits of Activating Online Transaction for Your Business

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In the modern era like today, the internet has certainly become one of the needs that really help all human activities. One of them is for making a transaction. Various simplicities are offered by the internet to make payment transactions. There are various benefits of activating online transactions for people’s businesses. You don’t need to go to the bank or payment counters to make transactions because all types of transactions can be done online.

To accept online payment transactions, business owners certainly need to have access to an online payment gateway system, which is an integrated payment service provider that provides various types of payment methods for the buying and selling process of products and services. Therefore, online payment systems are now much favored by business owners because they have many benefits.

Definition of Online Transaction

Online transactions are something that is commonly done by various people in the modern era like today. Especially during a pandemic, the digitization process has developed rapidly, including in the business sector. At a time when people’s mobility is limited, online transactions are the right choice to fulfill our various types of needs.

By using online transactions, primary needs such as buying food, drinks, and fulfilling other household items can be done faster. In addition, tertiary needs such as gadgets, automotive, or other hobbies can now be done easily without having to make conventional payments.

Over time, users of online transactions are increasing. That means, more and more consumers are used to doing online transactions every day. Business owners then make the best of this trend so they won’t be left behind.

Types of Online Transactions

With the rapid development of digitalization, people no longer need to get up from their chairs just to carry out a transaction. Because it can be done by using a smartphone connected to the internet network. The following are the types of transactions most often carried out online by the general public.

  1. Buying Mobile Balance
  2. The first type of online transaction that is most often carried out by the general public in this modern era is buying mobile balance. In the past, people had to go directly to the nearest mobile balance store, but now this is no longer necessary because we can do it online via mobile banking or using an e-wallet application.

  3. Paying Electricity Bills
  4. Before online transactions exist, it took some time just to pay electricity bills which makes it quite burdensome. How could it not? There were usually lines of customers to make the transaction because the process took a long time. Fortunately, there are now online transaction methods that overcome these problems. Customers are now able to pay their electricity bills more efficiently through online apps or banking channels.

  5. Buying Transportation Tickets
  6. After online transaction is invented, we can buy airplane tickets or train tickets in an instant since the process can be done online. With this quick payment method, people don’t have to bother anymore to queue at the payment counter, which definitely takes time. Even the price given is much cheaper than paying it on the spot.
    Making online transactions to buy transportation tickets certainly saves time and adjusts it to the needs of the money you have. Payments can also be done using internet banking, mobile banking, e-wallet, and many more. A variety of payment methods to choose from will certainly make the process of buying an airplane or train ticket more practical to do.

  7. Paying BPJS Bills
  8. There are many ways that can be done to pay your BPJS bill. The payment can be made using internet banking, mobile banking or through e-commerce which has become a partner of BPJS. This way, customers will find it easier because they no longer need to queue at the payment counter.
    Besides that, the payment is now more practical because it can be done anytime and anywhere. Currently, several e-commerce companies that have collaborated with BPJS have begun to offer various types of bonuses to consumers, one of which is by giving cashback from their bill payments.

  9. Paying Phone Bills
  10. Paying phone bills can now be done online. Several e-commerce platforms have collaborated with various telecommunication companies to fulfill this need. Thus, the payment process can be carried out in a safe and practical way.

Those are the types of online transactions that are often carried out by people every day. With online transactions, many activities can be done quickly and easily. Now, what are the benefits of online transactions for the development of your business?

Benefits of Activating Online Transactions for Your Business

The following are 10 benefits of activating online transactions for your businesses.

  1. More Practical and Cheaper Than Conventional Payment Systems

  2. The application of online transactions in a business will certainly provide many conveniences for customers and business owners. This is because the features provided in online transaction payments will allow the payment verification process to be carried out automatically. This of course makes the process more practical and cheaper than conventional payment systems.

    In addition, customers also no longer need to send payment receipts manually and business owners no longer need to record transactions manually. This will also help business owners to minimize various types of errors that may occur due to human error.

  3. Quick and Easy Setup

  4. If you accept payment transactions online, then you can adjust the payment system according to business needs. Because the online payment feature that you have can be used according to settings that can be arranged quickly and easily at any time. This is what business owners like because they can arrange online payment systems according to their respective needs.

  5. Reducing the Need for Human Resources

  6. The automatic verification process of online transactions will also reduce the need for human resources on your team to carry out conventional bookkeeping processes. This will make the work of your team easier to do. In addition, by implementing an online transaction system, the company’s human resource needs can be allocated to other jobs.

  7. Provide a sense of security and comfort for customers

  8. An online transaction system that is carried out with a trusted provider will certainly give customers a sense of security when making payments. This is because customers will have valid evidence when they process the transaction. For example, in an e-commerce business, the payment will not be sent to the seller when the goods have not yet been received by the buyer.

    This surely reduces the possibility of fraud which is usually done by unscrupulous sellers. If your business can implement a trusted online transaction system, of course it will make customers feel more secure and protected so that it can help to improve the image of your company.

  9. Reaching Wider Consumers Range without Limit

  10. By presenting an online transaction system to your business, your customers are certainly not only limited to shops or companies. You can of course market your products or services to anyone anywhere without having to worry because online transactions allow consumers to buy whatever they want online through a website or apps.

    One thing that all business owners need to pay attention to is making sure their business provides various shipping options that allow it to reach a wide area so that it can reach a wider range of consumers without any limits.

  11. Providing Payment Options and Making it Easy for Customers

  12. Online transactions are preferred by people in this modern era because they offer various payment methods that can be tailored to their individual needs. In addition, customers will also be facilitated with many transaction methods they can use.

    Several online transaction methods that can be chosen at this time are payments through banks, credit cards, joint accounts, paypal, mobile balance, e-wallet, and many more. All of these payment methods can of course be customized with the needs and wants of your customers.

  13. Brings Many Discounts

  14. In developing a business, you must have a marketing strategy that needs to be updated regularly. One way is by presenting discounts and promos by using online transaction service. You can analyze consumer habits when they make digital transactions to make interesting offers accordingly.

    Interesting offers are of course eagerly awaited by every customer since they can get the best price. This will certainly make customers prefer to transact online to benefit from the discounts offered.

  15. Increase Customer Retention Rate

  16. To be able to make online transactions, customers definitely need to register on the website or apps that you manage. When registering, they also have to fill in some personal data such as name, delivery address, telephone number, and email address. In this case, you can also ask consumers to agree if the personal data will be used for marketing purposes in the business.

    One example is using consumer email address data to send newsletters and customer satisfaction ratings. In addition, this can also be done to provide information about interesting offers.

  17. Easier Financial Bookkeeping

  18. Financial bookkeeping is necessary in a business. Implementing an online transaction system will certainly make it easier for you to make financial reports. When making sales reports, people sometimes have to do it until late at night especially if you do the conventional bookkeeping. Not only that, mistakes in calculating sales reports will also cause you a hassle.

    Currently, financial bookkeeping will be easier to do because every transaction will be automatically recorded in the transaction history. Especially if your business uses a payment gateway service. Thus, you will no longer need to manually record every transaction activity with this digital system. Running a business can also be more focused on developing the business even further.

  19. Help Stop the Spread of the Covid-19 Virus

  20. Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities that allow physical contact activities need to be limited. This also includes when consumers make transactions. As time goes by, the digitization process can certainly help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus because now many transactions are done online.

    Money can be one source of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. By using online transactions, both consumers and business owners will reduce the activity of holding physical money. This can also effectively stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus when it is done.

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