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DUITKU (PT Kharisma Catur Mandala), is a start-up company engaged in the field of Financial Technology domiciled in West Jakarta. We are looking for some people to join our growing team. For further descriptions of qualifications, requirements, and responsibilities, check the content below.

Qualifications :

  1. Male.
  2. Graduate S1 Informatics Engineering, computer science, or related majors.
  3. Experienced 1-2 years (new graduates are welcome to apply).
  4. Can speak minimal English passive.
  5. Can work under pressure.
  6. Have a desire to learn new things.

Required Skills :

  1. Have experience working within installing, configuring, and troubleshooting.
  2. Windows-based environments (have knowledge of Linux being a plus value).
  3. It has capabilities in the administration and performance tuning of .NET application stacks (for example, IIS, Windows, and SQL Server).
  4. Has experience in virtualization and containerization fields (e.g., VMware, and Virtual Box).
  5. Have experience in the field of monitoring systems.
  6. Have experience in scripting field to add value (for example, Shell Ccripts, Perl, Ruby, and Python).
  7. Have knowledge of networking (OSI network layers and TCP/IP).
  8. Routine systems and software audits.

Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. Designing and building computer systems and networks, especially in terms of server technologies and connections both LAN and WAN.
  2. Provide the best solution in terms of selection and server technology and software used in terms of efficiency, reliability, security and other related aspects.
  3. Ensure/maintains an internal network (both LAN and WAN) can function properly.
  4. As an information processing terminology and handles the following on the creation of a system, among others: Requirement Definition, Investigating, Analyseing, Primary Design (Basic), and Design Details.

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