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Informasi Seputar Duitku
What is Duitku?

Duitku is a payment solution provider with the best merchant rates in Indonesia. Our Payment Gateway solution enables you to accept payments from credit cards, bank transfer, e-Wallet or even via direct transfer to your online store.

Payment Solution is a unique feature within Duitku that allows you to reduce your per-transaction cost by accumulating all the transactions from all merchants within Duitku. With the accumulation of all transactions, we can receive the best MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) from all payment vendors.

First, you need to register and then you will be directed to your test (sandbox) account.

1. Confirm your email and phone number. It is essential for us to have accurate contact details so we can activate your account as soon as possible.

2. Sandbox mode (test account) allows you to try Duitku without involving real money. You can integrate your site or application using this feature to ensure everything is set up correctly.

3. Live mode (merchant account) can be used to make real transactions and receive real money. You will need to wait until we activate your account; therefore, it is very important for us to have your most up-to-date contact details.

To make sure your business fulfills all the requirements, we need a picture of your National Identification Number (KTP) and your Tax Identification Number (NPWP).

For individual merchants, please submit a scanned copy of your ID Card (KTP) and Tax Registration Card (NPWP).

Meanwhile, documents that must be submitted by corporate merchants are the company representative’s identification (KTP/KITAS/KITAP/passport) and the company’s legal documentations: Trade Business License (SIUP), Company Registration Certificate (TDP), Company Domicile Certificate (SK Domisili), Company Taxpayer Registration (NPWP) and Company Deed of Establishment (Akta Pendirian).

Yes. Please request it to our customer support channel via [email protected]

Our verification team will call you on your registered phone number. Account verification and activation should be done at most in 3 x 24 hours. Please make sure your registered phone number is active and answered when our verification team contacts you.

Possible if the business process is deemed reasonable and approved by the management.

Having an active website, up to date and at the very least containing information regarding company’s profile, address, phone number and products.

To log in as a User Team that functions as a role and access allocations on your personnel, there roles are: Admin, Finance, Technical, and Approval.

How to Use
Do you accept all types of businesses?

We accept most businesses, with the exception of:

  • Adult content
  • Gambling
  • Weaponry
  • Drugs
  • Illegal goods
  • High-risk telemarketing firms
  • Replica

Please take a look at our pricing page for a complete overview of all supported payment methods.

Under Bank Indonesia’s regulations, you need to convert other currencies to Rupiah if you want to complete any kind of transaction with Duitku. We suggest you do not use any kind of decimal formats to avoid your transaction being unsettled by the bank.

Transactions via Credit card will be settled after 4 business days, whereas other payment channels (Virtual Accounts, Ewallet And Credit payment) will be settled 2 days after transactions occurred.

For the withdraw process, you can open the Withdraw menu and select Withdraw or Instant Withdraw sub menu. Next, input the amount and select the account number for withdrawal, then press the withdraw request button. Duitku system will automatically validates the destination account number and displays the account recipient name, please make sure the name that appears is correct. If it is appropriate then you can press the transfer button and see the withdrawal status.

Instant Withdraw: Fund will be transferred real time, maximum amount: Rp. 25.000.000 – Rp. 50.000.000 depending on the receiving bank’s limit. Will be charged IDR 6.500 per transaction.

Normal Withdraw: Fund will be transferred at most 1×24 hours on working days, maximum Rp. No bank transfer charge.

Because there’s a period difference between received fund from transactions and settlement period where the received transactions is not withdrawable yet because it is still on the settlement period.

Not necessary, payment status will be updated automatically by system and there’s no need to manually confirm.

We don’t have any refund process currently available on our system. All refunds will need to be handled by each merchant separately.

Contact our 24-hours customer service via live chat, email or phone call on 021-5303977 / 021-53652738 and our friendly staff will be ready to assist you.

Log in to your Duitku account and the report menu can be found on the left-hand side.

Integrating your online payment needs with Duitku is easy. Use our API for web integration (API doc: http://docs.duitku.com/docs-api.html) or our plugins for leading e-Commerce platform of your choice:

  • JoomShopping
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Woo Commerce
  • OpenCart
  • VirtueMart

Feel free to contact our 24-hour customer service via live chat, phone call or email if you encounter any difficulties with the integration process.

All transactions must be at least Rp. 10.000 (ten thousand rupiah) and there are diverse maximum transaction amount for each payment channel.

Jaminan Duitku
How do I protect myself from fraud?

3-D Secure (3-Domain Secure) is a security protocol used to reduce fraud for all online credit and debit transactions. Currently, it is being offered by both Visa and MasterCard under the brand name Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, respectively.

Payment authentication will be processed by 3 parties. Vendor, bank, and credit card issuer.

We provide FDS (Fraud Detection System) to prevent fraud. Our system uses the latest technology to study all past transactions and utilises that information to filter all new transactions.

We use a certified HTTPS connection on all of our sites. We also routinely update our security and encryption algorithm.

As a merchant, you don’t need to have an HTTPS certification on your site; however, we highly recommend it.

How to apply to use OVO through Duitku?

By registering as a Duitku merchant and approved by OVO as its merchant.

If your OVO application have been approved by OVO, our technical team will assist you on the integration and testing process for OVO transactions on your account.

1 Duitku account only allowed to use 1 OVO project.

OVO’s transactions settlement time are on T+2.

How to add or change bank accounts?

To add or change bank account, please send the request to [email protected] using your registered email address and attaching your existing and new bank account. Please make sure that the account holder’s name should match your registered individual/corporate name.

Transaction will be refunded through the receiving bank.

Our verification team will contact the registered phone number in at most 3 working days after registration and legal process requires up to 2 working weeks.

Our verification team will contact the registered phone number in at most 2 working days after registration and legal process requires up to 2 working weeks.

Several reasons for a failed verification:

  1. Merchant cannot be contacted on the registered phone number.
  2. Merchant did not submit the mandatory documents.
  3. Merchant’s Website or Applications is not yet active or its contents are not sufficient or haven’t been live yet.
What is Disbursement?

Disbursement is one of Duitku’s feature that is used for fund transfer to bank accounts and/or e-wallets in Indonesia.

By contacting Duitku team via telepohone, email or through Duitku’s sales representatives and applying to use Disbursement feature.

To use disbursement features merchant must be registered to Duitku as a corporate merchant and is approved by Duitku.

Limit per disbursement transactions:

  1. RTOL (Real Time Online Transfer): Min: Rp. 10.000, Max: 50.000.000, except Permata Bank and CIMB max: Rp. 25.000.000.
  2. SKN/LLG: Min Rp. 10.000, Max Rp. 500.000.000.
  3. RTGS Min Rp. 100.000.000, Max: Unlimited.

By transferring the fund to our escrow account that will be informed by our operational team once your account is active and can make transactions.

The Description will be from Switching on behalf of the Merchant’s company’s name registered on Duitku, example: PT Kharisma Catur Mandala/[Customer’s Name].

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