How to Receive Payments via E-Wallet on Your Website

As a business owner, surely you want your shop to be supported by various facilities that are up to date with current technological developments. One of them that is becoming a trend among consumers is a transaction tool called e-wallet. Basically, an e-wallet works in the same way as e-money or electronic card. However, e-wallet is in a different form, not physical or chip cards.

So, as an online business owner, do you know the ins and outs of e-wallet? This article will discuss more about e-wallet, its benefits, and how to receive payments from e-wallet on your website.

What is an e-wallet?

An electronic wallet, or for short, e-wallet is one of the financial technology or fintech products. E-wallet can function as a payment method that can be accessed directly using the internet. Moreover, this electronic wallet can be used to make transactions, both online and offline, supported by a QR code.

Before using an e-wallet, users must first download the e-wallet app they want to use. If the app has been installed, the user must top up an amount of money which later be referred to as a balance. Transactions with e-wallet are relatively faster because there is no need to bother taking out your money from your physical wallet or an ATM and count it according to the nominal transaction.

The next thing that needs to be paid attention to when using an e-wallet is identity verification. Every e-wallet brand has different terms and conditions. However, you are expected to at least prepare your personal data in the form of an eKTP / electronic ID and cell phone number. There is no need to worry about your personal information leaking, because everything will be protected safely.

The Use of e-wallet for Merchants

As a means of transacting, an e-wallet does not only offer convenience to customers but it also has a number of benefits that merchants or business owners need to know. The following are the benefits of using an electronic wallet:

  • Making Your Business Looks Modern
  • Using an e-wallet on your online store website can give it a modern business image. Moreover, making transactions using electronic money is more popular with consumers these days. In addition, using an e-wallet to support your business website will leave a good impression on your customers. With the convenience offered by e-wallet, the probability of buyers coming back to your store can be higher.

  • Easy Analysis of Sales Results
  • If your business website provides transaction service using an e-wallet, then the benefits are not only for your customers but for you as a seller as well. You can monitor the transaction process in real time. Therefore, there is no need to do manual recording anymore. Business owners only need to check transaction history regularly. With this easy monitoring, decisions related to the future course of your business can be taken more easily and precisely.

  • Saving You from Counterfeit Money Transactions
  • Transactions using counterfeit money are certainly a nightmare for every business owner. If you provide e-wallet service, you won’t have to worry about such things anymore. Transactions made on your business website will run safely and comfortably.

Process of Receiving Payments via E-Wallet

Consumer transactions on a business website can be done easily if your website or app is connected to a payment gateway which provides payment service via e-wallet. Payment gateway is a technology designed to facilitate transaction processing in online business. Payment gateway not only provides convenience for your customers but also for you as the store owner as well. You can choose which e-wallet brand you want to use for your customer transactions on your website. Later, the entire payment process will be automated. Customers will get notifications for every successful purchase transaction. That way, all payment processes on your website are monitored and the transaction process will become more practical.

Strategies to Boost Your Sales in Online Store

Payment Gateway for Transactions via e-wallet

If you are looking for a payment gateway that offers payment service using e-wallet directly on your website and online app, you can check out Duitku. Duitku Payment Gateway is a solution for processing payments for your business with various methods. The payment channels available on Duitku are credit cards, virtual accounts, retail outlets, e-wallet, QRIS, and credit payments. In terms of security, Duitku has been licensed by Bank Indonesia and is equipped with a PCI-DSS certificate, an international security standard for managing online transactions.

Therefore, as an online business owner, you don’t have to worry about purchase cancellations due to limited payment options anymore. In addition, the availability of checking automation can lessen your workload. There is no need to manually check transfer receipts and perform data matching because Duitku Payment Gateway is ready to help you run your business.

Let’s integrate your online store with Duitku Payment Gateway to make the payment process easier!

Get Your Online Payments at Indomaret Retail Outlets via Duitku.

Despite the ever growing application of online payments in Indonesia, there are a number of Indonesia’s population who still feel more comfortable paying directly in cash. Although 70% of the population has internet access, 66% of Indonesians do not have a bank account.

As an answer to that, Duitku has collaborated with Indomaret to facilitate your online business payments. Now, customers who do not have an e-wallet or a bank account can pay for your products at almost 19,000 Indomaret outlets spread throughout Indonesia, besides Alfamart, Pos Indonesia, and Pegadaian outlets.

How do we activate the Indomaret payment line on Duitku?

Right now, all merchants can use the Indomaret payment line as long as you have a business agency or a company.
To activate the payment method at Indomaret retail outlets, please send an email to [email protected] and inform your email address that you use and your website project code where the payment method will be integrated.

After that, Duitku Team will immediately process your application to Indomaret. This process can take up to 30 days.

For now, the payment method at Indomaret retail outlets can only be used by merchants who have a business agency or a company.

If my request is accepted, do we have to do an integration again?

For those of you who have websites on Woocommerce (WordPress), Magento, Virtuemart, Opencart, Prestashop, WHMCS or JoomShopping platforms and integrate using plugins, you can download the latest versions of our plugins on the Duitku API page. Update the plugins that you installed through your website platform dashboard with the latest version of our plugins to get the Indomaret payment method option in it.

For merchants who need a more complex integration process and integrating with the API, payment method integration can be processed by adding the integration code “IR”. Check out for more info on the Duitku API Documentation.

How much is the Service Fee for Indomaret payment channels?

The service fee is MDR + Rp. 1,000,- (including VAT) / transaction.
For normal prices (without a special MDR by Indomaret), the cost is around Rp. 7.500,- (including VAT) / transaction.

You can check here to see the prices for other payment method services.
Duitku does not charge registration fees or maintenance fees. All fees are based on the amount of (bank transfer, retail outlets) or nominal of (e-wallet, credit card/installment) the transactions.

Gain for more customers by providing payment channel via Indomaret, the retail company with the largest outlet reach in Indonesia.
For more information please contact us via email on [email protected] or live chat on the Duitku Dashboard.

Let Duitku take care of your transaction!

Tips for changing your offline business to online

The implementation of emergency Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) has made the digital economy in Indonesia grow rapidly. Along with changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic which tend to do online transactions, business owners must adapt to this condition by transforming their business from offline to online in order to maximize their opportunities in the digital era.

Based on data sourced from Google and the Ministry of Commerce, during the COVID-19 pandemic (starting from March 2020), there is an increase in new digital consumers who shopped online in e-commerce in Indonesia by up to 37%. Thanks to this, the valuation of Indonesia’s digital economy has grown by more than 40% per year since 2015 with total digital transactions in Indonesia reaching a value of USD 40 billion during the half of 2020.

Allegedly, the restrictions on the operating hours of economic centers and community mobility are the driving factors for the growth of digital transactions in Indonesia. People are trying to meet their daily needs by shopping online during a pandemic and are encouraged to think creatively in order to keep the business running.

Therefore, adding a digital strategy and/or changing the direction of the business from offline to online is very important so you can compete in this digital era. Check out the following strategies you need to apply before turning your business online:

1. Market Research

Before turning your business online, do some market research by studying your competitor products available on the marketplace and social media. See the prices they offer. Is there any feedback from buyers that needs to be implemented in your business? Also pay attention to the total sales of online business. If it’s not so many, do you still want to sell the same item or maybe prepare a strategy to increase the sales? By doing a research before going turning your business online, you can determine an effective branding strategy so that the product will sell successfully.

2. Maximize the Use of Social Media

Are you new to online business? Start with something simple, like using social media to promote your product. Marketing your products on social media is very effective, because social media is now used by almost all levels of society. Therefore, maximize the use of social media to reach the target market by consistently creating quality content.

3. Create a Website

When you decide to switch from an offline business to an online one, you may need to make a website containing information related to the business you have. The goal is to make the business more personal and you have the authority to fully manage the content on your website. Also, make sure all the links on the website are working properly by checking them regularly. If there are typos or spelling errors, people will surely doubt the quality of your website. If it is left unchecked, it can threaten the credibility of your business.

4. Visualization

Enhancing your product visualization also needs to be considered, especially if you are doing online marketing. Visualization can make people who shop online feel like they are doing it offline by enabling them to see product details clearly. The way that you can apply is to display as many product photos as possible from different sides. In addition, you can also mix and match products with other accessories so that the display looks more interesting.

So, are you ready to switch to an online business? If so, let’s maximize your business progress by providing a seamless transaction with a payment gateway. With Duitku, you can provide an easy check-out with various payment options 24/7. Therefore, customers will be comfortable in making transactions and are interested in shopping for your business more. Happy customers, happy deals!

Duitku is ready to support your business digitization process. Let’s increase your opportunity to make more profit by switching to an online business with Duitku.

Products Ideas for Online Business during the Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic is not only causing problems in the health sector of the world but also has an impact on consumer habits. The situation that forces us to stay at home make consumers to shop online. In the past, consumers tended to choose to shop at physical stores, now they choose to shop online to avoid being exposed to the corona virus.

This change in shopping habits also affects the economic sector. We are all trying to adapt to the situation to keep the business running, from transforming into online business to cutting a number of employees. For employees who are being affected, this situation helps make people aware of starting an online business due to the rapid use of the internet and the increasing trend of online shopping in the public.

So, are there any online business ideas during a pandemic that we can try? In this article, Duitku will provide a list of products you can sell in an online business during the pandemic. Let’s take a look at the following discussion!

1. Cleaning Service

The increase in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has a direct impact on the demand for cleaning services, especially in urban areas. Concerns about the spread of the virus make people want to clean more and disinfect their homes, offices, and apartments.

If you like cleaning your house, you can make a benefit of this opportunity to provide cleaning services as well as disinfection service. All you need is planning, marketing strategy, and mapping the right area so that your business can be profitable.

2. PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) Business

Paying bills on time is an obligation so we don’t have to pay late charges. However, long queues and a time-consuming procedure often make it difficult for someone to pay. As a result, people need to find a quiet place to process payments faster.

From the situation above, a business opportunity emerges that you can make as additional income. You can present PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) to make it easier for people to pay anything in one place.

With a computer, printer, internet connection, and some hundreds of thousands of money, you can open your first PPOB. For the PPOB business, you can automate the payment and distribution of your products so that the business will run by itself and you can focus on promoting your business! Don’t forget to choose a trusted payment vendor so that your business is secure and seamless.

3. Social Media Marketing

Do you have a lot of followers on social media and a strong personal branding? Gain benefits from both of them by becoming a social media marketer. With this, you can help MSMEs by managing and promoting on social media.

There are various forms of services offered. You can promote services through creating content, manage social media as a whole, and help answering questions from potential buyers. With only a laptop, cellphone, and an internet connection, you can start this business easily.

4. Tutor / Online Class

Do you know that the pandemic has an impact on changes in the teaching and learning system? Previously, education had to be conducted in person, now everything has to be done online.

This certainly brings new opportunities for those of you who have an interest in teaching. You can start by teaching the skills you are good at on a part-time basis. With rates ranging from IDR 100-150 per hour, you have the opportunity to get additional money up to millions of rupiah in a month.

Due to the government’s recommendation to “stay at home”, many adults also decide to take classes to fill their spare time and improve their skills. So, if you have expertise in a particular subject, you can take advantage of this opportunity by creating online classes in the form of videos, which you can market and distribute online for an extra income.

5. Become a Reseller

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major blow to retail around the world. Businesses that rely on physical stores must explore other alternatives to stay afloat. This makes business owners to start an online business.
If you are interested in having an online business, this is the right time for you to open a side business. You can start by becoming a reseller at a subscription store. With photos from suppliers and dedication to promoting the business, this business in which you can start as a reseller has a promising opportunity to grow rapidly.

So those are the best-selling types of online business that you can try to increase your income during the pandemic. It is better for you to choose a business which is in accordance with your passion and expertise.

If you want to take this activity seriously, you can sell it exclusively on your personal website. By providing easiness in receiving payments 24/7 with a Payment Gateway, you can make it easier for clients to use your service.
Make sure the payment gateway provider you choose has been proven to be secure, PCI-DSS certified and has an official legality from Bank Indonesia like Duitku.

Let Duitku take care of your online transactions.

How to Make Your Online Business More Effective and Profitable

The rapid development of digitalization in Indonesia has a positive impact on business owners. Utilization of the internet for various business activities makes it easier for them to complete business transactions and expand market share. In addition, the use of technology that focuses on digitization can make it easier for buyers to fulfill their needs online.

With the COVID-19 pandemic situation hitting the world economy, digital transactions are predicted to be able to increase opportunities for business owners to expand market segmentation with minimal costs. The all-online transaction process, expeditions that reach to remote villages with a faster and more effective delivery process make businesses focus on sending goods to customers.

This of course has an impact on the business as a whole. It can be said, the potential for online business in this current era is very profitable. That’s why, business owners need to make the best of it so that their online sales are increasingly in demand.
Unfortunately, not all business owners are able to see this opportunity. There are still many of them who do not maximize digital sales in order to gain profits. Let’s find out how to make your online business more effective and profitable in the following article!

1. Set the Business Planning Strategy

The online business tips for profit that you need to apply is to make sure that your business has the right business plan. With the right strategy and market segmentation, you can measure opportunities in that niche market and gain multiple profits without the need for extra effort.

By determining the niche market as specific as possible, you have the opportunity to attract as many buyers as possible. Because people are less likely to find what they need elsewhere. You also don’t have to compete with more general competitors, so you can quickly find a regular customers to your business.

2. Give Promos

Who doesn’t like promos? It seem like everyone does. To make your business profitable, you can try to include promos and discounts in your marketing strategy. This online business trick can attract potential buyers to shop at your online store.

However, you need to think of a strategy so that a buyer will become a regular customer. Don’t let them only shop at ypur store during promos. If that’s the case, you need an extra effort so that the profits can cover the cost of the promo.

In order to make the buyers become regular customers, you need to pay attention to ‘after sales’. Keep in touch with your customers and inform them that your business service does not stop until the transaction ends. You can also offer a loyalty program so that customers will come back to transact with your business.

3. Create an Interesting Store Display

In an online business, how you store looks is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to since most buyers are more concerned with visuals when shopping. If your online store looks messy, people will lose interest and discouraged to buy your product.
Therefore, make the display of your store and your products as attractive as possible so that people are interested in visiting. Also make sure the website design is user-friendly so that it can be easily accessed by many people. The display and features of a website that look professional can increase customer trust and increase the chance of customers to make purchase at your online store.

4. Provide Easy Payment Options

The long check-out process can discourage potential buyers from transacting at your store. Isn’t it very time consuming when you want to buy something and you have to wait for the seller’s response and send screenshots one by one? Not to mention when you want to buy expensive items and there is installment service.
That’s why you need to provide various payment options so that customers can easily complete payment transactions. The more payment options available in your online business, the richer your shopper’s online shopping experience will be.

To respond to this, you can provide direct payments on the website by integrating a payment gateway feature. Payment Gateway is a technology that functions as a connecting channel between a holding account to the platform where you make transactions. Later, the payment system will be automated so you don’t have to bother matching the transfer receipt with the mutation list.
In choosing a payment gateway you want to integrate into your website, you need to ensure that the payment gateway has obtained an official permission from Bank Indonesia and is equipped with a Fraud Detection System, so that transactions in your online business are more secure and trusted.
Remember, whatever the transaction is, Duitku is the solution!

4 Ways of How Payment Gateway Helps You Boost Your Online Sales

The complicated and time-consuming online payment process can make customers lose interest in shopping at your online store because they don’t want a hussle when all they want to do is to purchase.

According to a survey done by Salesforce, 79% of shoppers think that the shopping experience from a brand is as important as the products and promotions offered by the brand. This starts from the product selection process to a seamless and continuous purchasing process. Three out of four shoppers admit that an easy checkout process is an important factor that supports their good shopping experience.

“Three out of four shoppers admit that an easy checkout process is an important factor that supports their good shopping experience.”

One way to offer a seamless shopping experience is to add a payment gateway to your website to process payments automatically and in real time. A fast, safe and easy payment process makes a customer’s online shopping experience more enjoyable so that it will encourage customers to buy your products.

What is Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is a technology to make it easier for your business to accept online payments from websites or online apps. A payment gateway functions as a channel that connects your holding account to the platform where you make transactions. Not only for accepting payments, using a payment gateway has many advantages and benefits to support your business transaction process. Here’s some of them.

1. Provide various choices of payment methods for customers

Let’s say a customer have their balance saved in ‘red’ bank account, but the shop only accepts payments from the ‘blue’ bank… One of the reasons potential buyers are reluctant to make a purchase is the lack of payment methods offered. However, with a payment gateway, you can provide various payment methods without being complicated.

Simply connect your website or application to the payment gateway you choose, and you can directly receive payments from various banks, e-wallets, to supermarkets/retails. One integration for all payment lines. Customers will have more choices to make online payments.

2. Provide a choice of credit or installment payments safely

This is suitable for you with a fairly high product price. Sometimes a customer hesitates to buy your product because they can’t pay in cash. One way to overcome this is to offer credit or installment payments so that your product is easily accessible to various segments.

With a payment gateway, you can directly connect with a bank or installment service provider without a credit card. A payment gateway system is also equipped with a built in fraud detection system so that your transactions are guaranteed to be more secure. The more customers who have access to buy your products, the more your sales will increase!

3. Minimize Transaction Errors so that orders are processed quickly

Doesn’t it annoy you when you’ve been waiting for your online order and when you check it hasn’t been delivered to you because you transferred a wrong amount of money?

Customers often enter the wrong transaction nominal so that the transaction process takes longer. A payment gateway is able to minimize transaction errors because the nominal transaction will automatically appear at check out and payment. Even if you make a payment by bank transfer, the account number that you enter into internet banking will load the nominal amount of the purchase automatically. Later, the customer just have to pay according to the nominal so you don’t have to worry about inaccuracy in the payment nominal when making a payment.

4. Increase buyer trust on your website or application

An automated checkout process can increase customer’s trust in your online store, especially if your payment line is connected to major local banks or well-known e-wallet providers.

You can easily add this feature by adding a payment gateway directly on your website. With an easy checkout process and orders that are immediately processed, customers will be more confident to shop on your website or online app.

So, those are the review of the benefits of a payment gateway to support your shopping experience and the seamlessness of your online business transactions. Nowadays, many companies offer payment gateway services in Indonesia. Check here (hyperlink to the next article page) for tips on choosing the right payment gateway for your online business.

Make sure the payment gateway you choose has an official permission from Bank Indonesia and meets international security standards such as Duitku (hyperlink to the homepage).
You got issues with your business transactions? Let Duitku take care of it!

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