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Media Indonesia e-Paper is the digital version of our famous newspaper Media Indonesia built to accommodate the needs of growing Indonesia's mobile market.

In the beginning, the subscription process of this e-Newspaper was difficult because it was done using manual bank transfer. The fund will then be checked manually and then upon approval, be activated. It is clear that this process took a long time and was frustrating and cumbersome.
Duitku helped us solve this growing problem. With Duitku our customer was pleased to know that they can now pay using e-Wallet, Credit Card, Virtual Account or even the old and trusted Bank Transfer. More than that Duitku helped us automate the registration process of our e-Paper product itself so now any transaction can be checked and activated 24 hours without any need for manual intervention.

Duitku Payment Gateway pride itself as a solution to Media Indonesia's needs to accept online payment.
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